Remember Me Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 7

    1. Walk towards the railing in front of you to activate a cut scene, then use your spammer with evasive maneuvers to fend off the next group of enemies that surround the area and eliminate them with a series of combo attacks.
    2. Use your Rust in Pieces ability to help you defeat the next wave of enemies that appear and finish clearing the area to approach the indicated control panel nearby, then activate the Freight Lift to descend to the floor below and encounter the Zorn.
    3. Execute evasive rolling maneuvers in a continuous circle to dodge the Zorn’s swiping arms and charging attacks, then leap away from the crates that are occasionally thrown towards you and avoid the enemy’s jumping strikes so that its arm becomes embedded in the ground.
    4. Approach the enemy at close-range after its fist has become embedded in the ground and use combo strikes to start inflicting damage on the Zorn’s arm until it is torn off, then wait for the robot to execute a shockwave attack and shoot the weak spot that appears on its chest to inflict further damage.
    5. Once the Zorn falls to one knee, approach the enemy at close-range to execute a Termination and activate the control panel in the orange-lined corner to reveal a ladder.
    6. Climb the ladder to enter the Triage Room at the top and proceed down the steps ahead to open the next orange door around the corner, then ascend another set of steps to activate the Delivery Cart and step onto it to ride over to the balcony landing across the gap.
    7. Grab the ledge against the wall to slide down the pipe on the left and clear the gap beside you at the bottom to step onto another delivery cart ahead, then activate the control panel in the distance to jump to the platform that appears and turn right.
    8. Jump to grab the ledge on the opposite wall and slide down the pipe on the right to activate the next delivery cart at the bottom, then step onto the platform to ride it around the corner and continue using the control panel to reach the red forcefield at the end.
    9. Climb up the ledges on the wall beside you to drop onto the blue crate towards the left and land on the ground below to activate another delivery cart in the corner, then ride the next platform along the track to reach the forcefield at the end and jump to the adjacent railing to vault over the top of it.
    10. Execute a back jump to land on the next delivery cart and ascend the pipe in the corner to return to the level above, then ride the platform at the top to the orange door ahead and pass through it to enter the room marked “O’Osmoze”.
    11. Follow the corridor around to pass through another orange door and head down the hall on the right to eliminate the pair of enforcers that appear, then turn around to unlock the first available room and enter the bedroom to activate the Fire Exit.
    12. Pass beneath the barrier before it closes and make your way back down the hall to access the elevator in the corner, then ride to the next floor below to exit the car and watch a short action sequence.
    13. Afterwards, descend the escalator on the opposite side of the room to watch another short action sequence and turn right at the bottom of the steps to vault over the indicated obstacle.
    14. Eliminate the enemies that surround you and pass through the next two rooms marked “Sans-Soucis Bar” to locate your target, then open the door ahead to turn right on the other side and continue pursuit of Trace through the series of rooms around the corner.
    15. Defeat the enforcers that stand between you and Trace to continue chasing after him, then pass through the doors that lead to the Main Security Post and watch the next cut scene unfold.
    16. Vault over the railing to shimmy along it towards the corner on the left and back jump to the Mnemopolis across from you, then climb on top of it to clear the next gap ahead and continue to the right to eventually land on the floor below.
    17. Approach Captain Trace’s body to steal his memory and pass through the door marked “The Harmonie Mall” to proceed down the hall on the other side, then continue chasing the shadowy figure to encounter the pair of creatures in the room at the end and fend off the lesser enemies that appear to fill the ability gauge.
    18. Use Sensen DOS to incapacitate the creatures that teleport and approach them at close-range to execute a series of combo attacks, then watch the next action sequence unfold and press the indicated buttons to defeat your opponent.
    19. Repeat the previous step to eliminate the other teleporter and finish clearing the area to pass through the next door that unlocks, then steal the energy pack from the Sprinkler to open the door beside it and navigate the corridor on the other side to reach the Waiting Room.
    20. Steal the energy pack from the fire door to activate the emergency ladder and climb up it to jump to the railing at the top, then pass through the security post door ahead and circle behind the drones patrolling the room enter the Administration area.
    21. Follow the corridor around to return to the area being patrolled by drones and pass through the orange doors in the corner ahead to activate a cut scene, then play the remembrane in front of you to approach the hologram that appears next and synchronize the control panel to gain access to the Cube.
    22. Play the next remembrane that appears to target the letter H on Hominis, the number 3 in Memorize and the letter O in Evolutio, then approach the columns that rise behind you to play another remembrane in front of the staircase in the corner and follow Trace up the steps to access the control panel at the top.
    23. Synchronize the control panel to activate the columns and play the remembrane that appears nearby, then rotate the center hologram so that the words Admire and Protect face towards you in that order.
    24. Rotate the column on the right so that the words Listen and Love now face you, then do the same with the words Listen and Console on the left column to activate a cut scene.
    25. Afterwards, pass through the doors that open behind you to ride the elevator to the next area and exit the compartment to proceed forward down the long tunnel ahead.
    26. Use Rust in Pieces and the Logic Bomb to help you eliminate the wave of enemies that appear ahead, then continue moving forward through the tunnel to activate another cut scene and complete this episode.

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