Report: PS3 Sales Soaring After Price Drop


Word is that the PS3′s price drop is working out very well for Sony thus far in the UK, as an MCV source says that sales of the console have spiked considerably since the announcement last week. The source says sales are up 65% week over week in the country, which is a rather large increase if you ask me.

Can the console maintain this type of success? No idea, but with AAA season coming up soon, this fall looks like it’ll be a strong one for Sony, even without the PS Vita.


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4 Comments on Report: PS3 Sales Soaring After Price Drop


On August 22, 2011 at 10:23 am

Price dropping before major titles come out, yeah they will do better. But long run success? Doubtful. PS3 has jack for good games to play. Less the game was made for cross platform use on 360 and PC, PS3 gets . Few titles they had that are console specific can’t even justify and make the console better.


On August 22, 2011 at 1:38 pm

I own a PS3 there are alot of good titles for it. In fact it plays almost the same as a xbox 360, except the load times are ALOT faster being that you install the game to the HD (which 360 can do as well). I also enjoy the blu ray aspect, and I like the fact you can customize your “desktop” just like a PC. Killzone 3 is superb, Infamous 2 is very good and God of War 3 is phenomenal just to name a few.. I like to game on the PC, I play alot of MMO’s and what not that consoles simply cant hang. Consoles are good when you like to play racing games and sports game with friends over the house, but when your by yourself the PC is still king.


On August 23, 2011 at 5:27 pm

PS3 at launch was ridiculous. $600 for a machine that plays the same games as the half priced xbox but is inferior (Madden07) and the few exclusives they had was embarrassingly bad (Genji, Lair). Are you crazy? Sony got too arrogant with the ps2 success they thought ppl would be stupid and pay anything just because it has the Playstation brand. Ummmm no. I think I will wait till I actually see these excellent exclusive titles that you prophesize. Turned out I had to wait 2 years and by then it only cost $400.

But that was at launch. Now at $250, its a much smarter choice between the two consoles: built in wireless, bluetooth, non proprietary HD, Bluray, free network. Its a much better deal than Xbox. PS3 is hitting its strides now. Developers are getting the hand of Cell and games are getting really good. Multiplatforms don’t suck on ps3 anymore and exclusives really are impressive.

PS3 has jack to play? huh? You’re an idiot. That simple. Take your pick: Rage, Dark Souls, Batman, Deus Ex, Battlefield3, MW3, Skyrim, Uncharted3. Most of those are multiplatforms. So if you don’t like those ps3 games then you don’t like most of the coming xbox games and that’s basically the all big hitters of 2011. If you think these games are then you must enjoy trying to balance three toothpicks end to end as a game. Nuff about you. You’re a moron and what you say is nonsense.

Russell Burrows

On September 7, 2011 at 8:38 pm


360 has exclusives like Halo, Gears and, and, and………hmmmmm…..NOTHING!!!

You are a Microsoft fanboy posting idiotic statements.