Report: Working For Gamestop In The Top 10 Of Sucking

Business analysis website 24/7 Wall Street has put together a list of the absolute worst companies to work for. The list is a litany of all the ways in which American workers are ritually humiliated, traumatized and generally disregarded, all so poorly run companies can post dwindling profits to feed the salary needs of barely competent CEOs at the expense of customers. (CEOs it should be added, whose tenures will surely do serious harm to their companies but who will still escape with millions.) Dish Network (#1!)? You don’t need to experience their horrible cable service to guess how awful working there must be. Radio Shack(#3)? Yeah, it sucks like you assumed. But guess what everyone: Gaming totally made the list. Kind of. GameStop is the 10th worst place in America to work:

GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) has 6,683 company-operated stores in 15 countries around the world. The company primarily sells used video game hardware and software. But its business model has come under pressure as more and more of these products are delivered over broadband or fast wireless. Like Blockbuster before it, GameStop has a huge number of bricks-and-mortar locations to maintain in an industry that has moved substantially to digital platforms. And GameStop’s own digital game distribution platform is small compared to the balance of its operations.

Employees appear to regularly complain that the company privileges sales above customer service. According to one review, “Priority is placed on sales instead of games and customers, pushing people to pre-order games can place them in a situation where they spend good money on a bad game with no possibility of a refund, business’ models place customers at a disadvantage.” It may also be the reason why the video game retailer made the Consumer Report’s annual “naughty” list for bad customer service in 2011. Likely adding to poor customer service, reviews point to high turnover.

The rankings were based on ranking employee reviews at Glassdoor. At least the employees know how much it sucks working there.


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2 Comments on Report: Working For Gamestop In The Top 10 Of Sucking


On August 14, 2012 at 9:26 am

lol… not only game stop sells bad games for a high prices with no refund possibility… evrey other store who sells video games does the same thing… and they dont “push” ppl to buy a game u buy a game u chose to buy never in my life a store told me to buy a game.


On August 15, 2012 at 4:05 pm

This makes me wonder, like a ballsy CEO, companies are always willing to grow, but what about controlled downsize?