Resident Evil 6: Ada’s Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

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The final campaign of Resident Evil 6 features even more collectible emblems to find, secretly stashed away in agonizingly difficult to find spots. Don’t tear your hair out, use our guide to get every last emblem. Finding emblems will unlock trophies or achievements, figures, and files to check out. Find all the details below, and finally unlock the “Heirloom” achievement.

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Ada’s Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

    Chapter 1:

  • Emblem 1: Following your objective, you’ll reach a small set of steps leading up to a room with bunks on the right. Look at the top bunk to spot an emblem.
  • Emblem 2: Entering a room with a large turbine, you’ll need to circle around it to continue the chapter. But, instead of circling around, look behind the pillar in the back left corner.
  • Emblem 3: After climbing up a ladder to reach a new tube-shaped hallway, look left for a small crawlspace. Crawl through it and turn left ahead to spot another ladder leading up. Don’t go up yet, instead shoot the emblem just right of the ladder.
  • Emblem 4: In the sinking sub turned sideways, run forward and jump the sideways door, then turn around to find a hidden emblem.
  • Chapter 2:

  • Emblem 1: Early on, you’ll need to interact with an open grave leading down. Instead of going down, circle around behind the gravestone to find a hidden emblem.
  • Emblem 2: Jumping down into the underground area through a narrow hole, instead of continuing through the lit double doors, turn around to find an emblem in the upper right corner.
  • Emblem 3: After leaving an elevator, turn left and slide under a low gate. Continue left until you find a lowered area full of water. Turn right and look at the metal bars to spot another emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Dropping down into a tunnel full of water, simply turn around.
  • Chapter 3:

  • Emblem 1: Enter the market and look in the left-hand shops. At the last one, you’ll see a display with hanging belts. The emblem is sitting right on top.
  • Emblem 2: On the other side of the barricade at the end of the market, you’ll see a burning van. Continue forward and look right to find a burning shop. Go toward it, then backtrack around to the back end of the burning van to find this emblem.
  • Emblem 3: On top of the bus, you’ll be attacked by monsters. Eventually, the bus will come to a halt at a large metal fence. Look ahead through the fence, down and left to spot a bright emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Eventually, you’ll reach an open door into a building from the alley. You’ll enter a stairwell, with stairs leading up on your left. Instead of going up, look right and down to find a hidden emblem behind a crate.
  • Chapter 4:

  • Emblem 1: On the ship, after dodging spotlights and zipping up to a higher platform, immediately turn left to find an easy emblem.
  • Emblem 2: Continue through the chapter until you need to ride an elevator in a hallway with lockers. Check the lockers to your left before riding the elevator to get another emblem.
  • Emblem 3: After a cutscene, you’ll appear in front of a hatch leading below. Look left of the hatch to find tricky emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Deeper inside the ship, a fleshy face will block your path ahead. Look look for a blocked doorway, if you look inside carefully you can spot an emblem inside the inaccessible room, in the back right corner.
  • Chapter 5:

  • Emblem 1: As the chapter begins, look down and left to find an empty crashed truck on the road. Shoot the emblem inside.
  • Emblem 2: Continuing forward, you’ll be attacked by another helicopter. Here, you can find an emblem over a sign hanging off the side of the central blue building.
  • Emblem 3: After saving some innocent people, you’ll be tasked with helping a second group. Look at the glass roof left and below where the civilians are to find a hidden emblem.
  • Emblem 4: On the crane overlooking the helipad, look right instead of left at the dark building across. Zoom in to spot the emblem ahead, laying flat on the rooftop.

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