Resident Evil 6: Chris’ Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

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Chris Redfield is back in Resident Evil 6, and he’s hunting emblems just like he was in RE5. This time, those hidden collectible emblems aren’t just for show, they’ll unluck secret files and figures to check out as extras. Finding them all will also net you that 100% achievement or trophy, so if you’re a completionist or just like to squeeze some extra fun from your games, we’ve got the full list of emblems and their locations below for Chris and Piers’ campaign.

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Chris’ Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

Chapter 1:

  • Emblem 1: Getting off the streets, you’ll enter a building with hanging pigs. Easily visible on one of the shelves is another emblem against the back wall.
  • Emblem 2: After fighting more monsters coming from a garage, move on into a storage room. Destroy any crates inside to find another emblem hidden in the back corner.
  • Emblem 3: Climbing up the roof, look off into the distance for an unfinished building with green plastic tarps and re-bar sticking every which way. Sticking from a single bar above the structure is a blue emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Inside the building, on the sixth floor you can spot a lit area in the center of the room. Don’t leave yet, instead look behind the meat to find another emblem.

Chapter 2:

  • Emblem 1: Start the chapter as Piers, then run to the back of the area after Finn joins you. Run past your allies to the far back, where there’s an opening in the container. Position yourself to look inside, on the right corner.
  • Emblem 2: When you split up, turn right and look near the front of the bridge, underneath around the supports to spot this emblem.
  • Emblem 3: Entering a creepy mansion, loop around to check out the hallway behind the stairs to find an emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Once you find Ada, she’ll try to lead you further into the chapter. Check behind the wall to find an alcove at the back of the room with the bloody hospital beds. The emblem is in the top right corner.

Chapter 3:

  • Emblem 1: Leaving the playground, turn left and cross the street. The emblem is on some boxes in the back corner, across the street and left of the playground exit.
  • Emblem 2: Inside the home with the gambling table, turn and enter the bedroom with the lit television. Turn right to find another emblem on the lower bunk.
  • Emblem 3: On the boat, look up to find a haphazard construction site. Make sure to take cover and try to use a scoped weapon.
  • Emblem 4: During the driving sequence, you’ll be cornered by enemy vehicles in a dark parking garage. Beyond the enemies, don’t miss the emblem inside the bus.

Chapter 4:

  • Emblem 1: At the Hangars, circle around to the back of one of the large helicopters to find an emblem sitting inside the cockpit, on the left side.
  • Emblem 2: After leaving the control room and climbing up the ladder, you’ll enter a stairwell. Run to the base of the stairs and look through the steps to find an emblem.
  • Emblem 3: Stepping out onto the deck of the ship, look slightly right to see a boat in the distance shining a light toward you. Look above the boat with a sniper rifle and zoom in to find a hard-to-see emblem.
  • Emblem 4: With Piers, at the end of the chapter you’ll be on a time limit. After getting past the first obstruction, you’ll slide over cover. Turn right and look down for a propped-up wheel. Inside the wheel is another emblem.

Chapter 5:

  • Emblem 1: Down in the dark maintenance tunnel, you’ll crawl underneath a stopped fan to continue into the chapter. Ahead, you should be able to easily spot the first emblem.
  • Emblem 2: After leaving the room with the gatling turret and using the elevator, you’ll need to open the next door cooperatively. Inside, more monsters will attack. Take care of them, then look up and right from the entrance door to find the emblem.
  • Emblem 3: Inside the tube system, continue through and look down to find an emblem hidden beneath the walkway.
  • Emblem 4: Just after that emblem, you’ll open a door cooperatively and be ambushed. You’ll need to break through several obstructions while escaping. Keep your eyes right on the pathway, after two obstructions you can spot the last emblem.

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