Resident Evil 6 Has the Weirdest Story in the Series

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Time to Destroy the World

Snap to the “six months ago” portions of Resident Evil 6. Carla-Ada has been dispatched by Simmons to the war-torn Eastern European country of Edonia to help locate Jake Muller, the son of Albert Wesker. Simmons wants to find Muller and study his viral resistance to help with his C-virus research. Carla-Ada’s job has been to distribute the C-virus to insurgents and mercenaries in the country in order to find Jake, by determining who isn’t affected. Then Simmons sends Sherry Birkin to bring Jake in.

Meanwhile, Chris Redfield and his team are in pursuit of whoever’s behind the C-virus distribution, and that turns out to be Carla-Ada. They pursue her, believing her to be the real Ada, but she escapes by killing Chris’s team. This is what sends him into his post-traumatic stress disorder amnesia at the start of his campaign.

Secretly, Carla-Ada has been setting up Neo Umbrella, a super-powerful organization, using her C-virus and monetary resources from double-dealing behind Simmons’ back. Her plan for revenge against Simmons is coming to fruition, and as it draws close, she contacts the real Ada (pretending to be Simmons) and sends her to a Neo Umbrella submarine to clue her in on what Simmons has done and the plot.

Sherry and Jake board a plane after the outbreak in Edonia, on their way back to the U.S., but Neo Umbrella agents sent by Carla-Ada capture them. They spend the next six months in a secret Neo Umbrella facility in Lanshiang, China, where Carla-Ada experiments on both of them and creates a new strain of the C-virus using the data she gleans from the pair.

Six months after Edonia, in the present, Simmons captures Secret Service Agent Helena Harper and her sister and forces Helena to help him infiltrate the president’s security. Benford is planning to tell the world about the U.S.’s dealings with Umbrella and its role in the Raccoon City Incident. Simmons has the president infected with the C-virus, and creates an outbreak in Tall Oaks when the president (plus Leon and Helena) is there, to stop him from revealing the Raccoon City info (as well as for Simmons to cover his tracks). But Helena survives with Leon and they pursue Simmons after the city is nuked to stop the C-virus.

Just before that happens, Ada meets up with Leon briefly, then sees the tape of her cloning in Simmons’ lab. She’s contacted by Simmons but deduces that it’s actually Carla-Ada calling her, pretending to be Simmons, to lead Ada to find out what has been going on. Then Ada calls the real Simmons herself, tells him what Carla-Ada is up to, and sends him off to China, where Carla-Ada’s plans take place.

All the Stuff in the Game

Everyone heads to China. That’s where Carla-Ada is making her big attack on the world, because she wants to destroy it with her new C-virus in order to get revenge on Simmons, who’s ultimate goal is the creation of “order.” Thus, Carla-Ada wants to destroy that order through chaos, and her C-virus outbreak is all about spreading that.

Chris pursues Carla-Ada across Lanshiang, briefly meeting up with Jake and Sherry after their escape from Carla-Ada’s Neo Umbrella facility. When Chris and his partner Piers finally catch up to Carla-Ada, they also meet Leon, who allows Carla-Ada to live, thinking she’s the real Ada Wong — and while they’re briefly distracted, she bails.

After her escape from Chris and Leon, Carla-Ada infects Simmons with the stronger C-virus, and Leon spends the rest of the game fighting him. Meanwhile, Chris and Piers track Carla-Ada to her Neo Umbrella ship, from which she means to launch an attack on Lanshiang.

Elsewhere, Jake and Sherry are captured by Neo Umbrella agents and taken to Carla-Ada’s other secret facility, an underwater oil rig, which is actually where she’s been growing her super C-virus monster that will infect/destroy the world.

Ada Wong also follows Carla-Ada to the ship, where Ada discovers what Simmons did to Carla. Meanwhile, when Chris and Piers catch up to Carla-Ada, Simmons’ men do too, and “kill” her (she actually transforms into a C-virus monster). Then, a missile carrying C-virus gets fired automatically from Neo Umbrella’s aircraft carrier, infecting all of Lanshiang.

With Carla-Ada dead, actual Ada heads after Simmons, who still was directly responsible for that whole Tall Oaks thing and the Edonia stuff, and indirectly responsible for the Lanshiang stuff too. Chris and Piers rescue Sherry and Jake from the oil rig and kill Carla-Ada’s secret weapon. Jake and Sherry escape. Leon and Helena fight Simmons, who is also a big gross monster, and Simmons keeps trying to kill/grab Ada after she shows up to help.

You know all that weird dialog in the last fight with Simmons and Ada, about Leon not being “man enough” for Ada? That’s because Simmons is f–king lovesick bonkers.

Finally, Leon and Helena kill Simmons. Ada trashes the last of the C-virus stuff created by Carla-Ada and Simmons. Jake becomes an awesome B.O.W. fighter for some reason. Leon does Leon things, Chris returns to the BSAA, Sherry does Sherry things, and Helena somehow doesn’t go to prison for treason because of the extenuating circumstances of her sister’s kidnapping, even though that’s no excuse.

The story has nothing to do with the evil machinations of the organization known as Neo Umbrella. In fact, Neo Umbrella is just a tool for Carla-Ada to execute her insane plan. All that stuff is a big red herring.

The overall point is this: Simmons loved Ada, turned Carla into a clone of Ada, and made Carla go crazy. Everybody who died in Resident Evil 6 died because Simmons wanted to bang Ada Wong and Ada said no, so he did what you do and went absolutely batshit in response.

And that’s why Resident Evil 6 has the weirdest story in the series.

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11 Comments on Resident Evil 6 Has the Weirdest Story in the Series


On October 3, 2012 at 10:44 am

LOL, wow! So glad I didn’t pick this game up, was pretty much turned off by its E3 presentation. Man, I miss the actual good storyline from the classic RE games, Capcom has just been just jumping one shark after another with RE5 and RE6. At least Revelations was good, why can’t Capcom keep making RE games like that? =_=


On October 3, 2012 at 11:16 am

Dafuq ????????


On October 4, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Wow, i’m impressed. They actually managed to make Albert Wesker’s comic book villain portrayal in Resident Evil 5 look good in comparison to Resident Evil 6′s story.


On October 6, 2012 at 5:05 pm

In a way, the story is kind of impressive. All the seemingly grand machinations and conspiracies just boiled down to something so absurdly simple. When I finished, I thought, “Wow. Really? That’s it?” But it seems to be growing on me.

Phil Hornshaw

On October 6, 2012 at 5:28 pm


I kind of have to agree with you. The story almost is a bit of a deconstruction of the traditional Resident Evil story — there are these seemingly huge, evil conspiracies, which we’re all used to seeing. Guys who do evil things for no other reason than that they’re power-hungry and that they can. Then you have RE6, which psychs us out — pretending to be the same story about evil guys who are evil, but it’s all a big red herring.


On October 6, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Also, Simmons ran a group called The Family, which is more or less like the Illuminati, and basically dictates the path that nations follow. Looking back at it, it isn’t so strange that the obsession of a man with that kind of power could lead to huge consequences.

Carla’s use of Neo Umbrella with all connotations it brought up for the characters in the game was basically mirrored by what the players’ reaction would be. The characters hear “Umbrella” and start expecting certain things. The players hear that word, and also start expecting certain things. Having the game result in a “gotcha” moment might not appeal to some people, but I like that it shows the writers were aware of people’s expectations and they were able to play with that.


On October 7, 2012 at 1:56 am

RE6 is a good game and some points and monsters look like REvelations. Try to play the game instead of making a direct judgement because of an article. It not because you find the story strange or stupid make the game bad or even the story itself bad.

And talking about the game story i think the reasons why Carla-Ada named her organisation ”Neo-Umbrella” is to be a big slap in the face against Simmons. Simmons wanted to replace conventional military weapons by militarised bio-weapons to preserve more efficiently ”The Family” vison of ”order”. The Umbrella Corporation was the first company to produce those kind of bio-weapons and Carla-Ada founded and named her own company ”New/Neo-Umbrella to create ”chaos”. Through the defund Umbrella Corp. Simmons wanted order and throught Neo-Umbrella Carla create chaos.


On October 9, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Wrong!!!! I played the game. Derek Simmons did not develop bio terrorist attacks because he desperately wanted Ada Wong. Not sure how that even makes sense. He attacked because the President wanted to come clean on the whole Rac City incident. His obsession with Ada eventually made him have Carla become Ada’s doppelganger. He wanted Ada, so he made another version of her (with the C-virus). However “Carla” betrayed Simmons and was planning on destroying the world. I believe Simmons had no intention of having the attacks go globally. Matter of fact he probably wasn’t even planning to have China attacked. In a way he’s only the main antagonist for Leon & Ada’s campaigns. As Carla is the main antagonist for Chris & Jake’s campaigns. Trust me I do this for a living. It’s a complicated story, but when you have 4 campaigns it has to be.

Phil Hornshaw

On October 9, 2012 at 10:21 pm


Uh…that’s exactly what the article says. Simmons is responsible for the Tall Oaks incident, but he was rejected by Ada and that’s why he created Carla-Ada — who went nuts and tried to destroy the world. I said exactly what you said.

Nya Taylor

On October 10, 2012 at 5:51 pm

WTF, Simmons, can’t you just go on eHarmony or something if you’re that lonely?
And Carla’s a Snapped episode gone horribly wrong.
WTF, Capcom, WTF?


On January 7, 2014 at 5:23 am

LMFAO!!! The last line just made my day :D