Resident Evil 6: How to Farm Skill Points [Glitch]

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Skills points are the life blood of Capcom’s new zombie shootfest, well-liked in our Resident Evil 6 review. Skill points are given for killing enemies, completing challenges, or finding secret pick-ups in all four of the campaigns, and you’ll need plenty to purchase all the unlockable Skills and their upgrades. Find two methods to easily grind skill points below. If you’ve developed your own method you think is just as good or better, let us know in the comments.

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How to Farm Skill Points

Method #1: Solo

  • Following this method, you should be able to make 5,000 Skill Points per run. Each run should only take about six minutes to complete.
  • Load Leon’s Campaign and begin Chapter 4. Take the Magnum and ammo, you should be able to make the run with just the Magnum and ammo alone.
  • Take out the first enemy, get through the cutscene, and get to the back of the ship where you can find a 5,000 Skill Point pick-up.
  • Exit through the doorway, use the valve, open, and pull the hatch then shoot through the remaining enemies.
  • Continue fighting through enemies until you reach the saved checkpoint. Here, quit and repeat by reloading the Chapter.
  • Method #2: Co-op [Glitch]

  • Following this method, you can make 18,000 Skill Points per run. Each run should only take about nine minutes to complete. This method requires you be online and to play with a friend.
  • Load Chris’ Campaign and begin Chapter 3. This method won’t begin until later in Chapter 3, when Ada locks you into a room and you’re forced to survive against the Neo-Umbrella robots. You can also reach this area midway through Chapter 4 of Leon’s campaign.
  • Have your partner reach the checkpoint before hitting the lasers before you join their game. Wait to join them after they’ve hit the checkpoint.
  • You’ll find chests after escaping the lasers and after riding the elevator up. To reach the room with the chests, you’ll need to get by the lasers quickly to beat the AI to the elevator. Otherwise, continue into the robotic prototype chamber where you’ll be able to collect the Skill Point chests in the following room.
  • In the mine room, do your usual thing — shoot the prototypes while your partner hacks the console until the door unlocks. Make sure you complete the hack quickly and keep your partner from getting interrupted to enter the reward room. In the next room, open all three chests just as you leave the prototype chamber before continuing.
  • After collecting the treasure, have your partner quit. They’ll restart at the previous checkpoint before the lasers and lose their treasure. Meanwhile, you continue to the savepoint after the next cutscene. After the scene and the save point, quit and rejoin your partner.
  • Because you reached the save point, you’ll keep your gained skill points, and because your partner didn’t reach the save point, he can restart this section without having to play through the entire chapter to help you grind.
  • This method only allows one player to take advantage of the exploit, so if you want to be fair make sure to switch positions and let your friend gain some extra skill points.
  • [Credit to Youtube User Gotchstyle]

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    5 Comments on Resident Evil 6: How to Farm Skill Points [Glitch]


    On November 19, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    for the first one, you shold play as helena because you get more skill points. it takes 15 minutes, and you get 6000 SP.


    On December 22, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    15 minutes vs 6… ah the beauty of mathematics.


    On June 18, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    what i do is play leons campaign on chapter 2 and skip every enemies until i get to the church door and kill all the enemies and when it gives a check point exit and save and do it agian but dont complain its my opinion


    On March 19, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    Do not waste your skill point unless u know important skill.

    Buy only two skill ( breakout and lone-wolf ) at beginning.


    On September 28, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    Hmm, not sure of the time it takes but repeating chris’s campaign chapter 2 in city hall. Go through and kill EVERY one of those shelled j’avo which give like 1.5k-2.5k (Idk for sure) skill points per defeat and aren’t that hard to kill in amateur mode. you will end up killing about 10+ of them netting you anywhere from 15k-25k skill points. I believe the chapter ends after ada(?) kills finn and the rest fo chris’s edonia team cept piers. once you get infinite shotty ammo skill the run would go buy even easier and quicker. my guess without the skill it would take 10+ min, and with even less time.