Resident Evil 6: Jake’s Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

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To unlock extra content like files, figures, and achievements or trophies in Resident Evil 6 you’ll need to find every Serpent Emblem. All four campaigns each feature twenty hidden emblems you’ll need to shoot, usually tucked away in impossible hiding spots. Unless you know where to look, you’ll be looking for days. Don’t fall into the trap, make your emblem hunt easier with our full list for each collectible hidden in Jake and Sherry’s campaign. Get all the details below.

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Jake’s Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

    Chapter 1:

  • Emblem 1: This easy first emblem you’ll find above a wrecked doorway on the streets.
  • Emblem 2: Rounding the precarious concrete building corner with the chicken wire fence to your right, you’ll emerge looking out over some mountains in the distance. You’ll reach a special obstacle only Jake can use, beyond that and slightly left ahead is the emblem.
  • Emblem 3: As Sherry, you can find this emblem after escaping the monster and exploring the empty bathroom on the left of the hallway. Here, you can see a broken ladder. Only Sherry can be boosted up to reach the higher level and find the emblem.
  • Emblem 4: After the section underground, you’ll return to the surface from a ladder. Another emblem can be found straight away as you go outside. Look above the doorway straight ahead.
  • Chapter 2:

  • Emblem 1: Following your marker toward the memory device, you’ll need to hop a fence. Inside the digger, you can find an emblem.
  • Emblem 2: Return to the tower seen early in the chapter to find an emblem at its peak.
  • Emblem 3: During the snowmobile driving section, you’ll find an emblem on the right side of the path before entering the cave.
  • Emblem 4: While being hunted by the giant monster, you’ll have to sneak to the exit of a chamber with multiple hiding spots. As you leave, turn around to look at the back end of the exit door. There’s an emblem above the doorway.
  • Chapter 3:

  • Emblem 1: Playing as Jake, you’ll enter a sequence where you have control of several automatic turrets. Switch to the turret overlooking a small office. Against the left wall in the back corner above some shelves you can find an emblem.
  • Emblem 2: Inside the large room with steps, run past it to find a storage room with documents stuffed against the wall. Carefully look up on the second shelf to find a well-hidden emblem behind boxes.
  • Emblem 3: When facing off against the tank, circle around behind it and look underneath the central body between the treads to find another very tricky emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Facing yet another tank in the water garden, you’ll see steps leading up a pathway ahead of the tank. Check behind these steps to find the emblem.
  • Chapter 4:

  • Emblem 1: During the motorcycle sequence, Jake will order Sherry to shoot at the leaking gas from a tanker ahead. Instead, look up and left to find an emblem floating above a building left of the chopper.
  • Emblem 2: Running through the grimy alleys, turn left and look into the window shields of the crashed cars out on the streets, where there’s a narrow path through the pile-up.
  • Emblem 3: Dropping from the building back down to ground level, you’ll land in another dark alley. Just look left into the dark corner to find an emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Jake and Sherry will continue toward a ladder right after the previous landing. Just right of the red ladder, look for cracks between the boxes to spot an emblem.
  • Chapter 5:

  • Emblem 1: You’ll need your weapons before you can shoot the emblem. When you’ve got them, return to the creepy lab at the start of the chapter, and look in the upper left corner, behind the large device.
  • Emblem 2: After recharging the battery, you’ll need to return to the elevator. On your way back down the hallway, look left for a small lit lab. Behind one of the glass storage shelves, you can find an emblem.
  • Emblem 3: In a giant incinerator, you’ll have to fight the monster that’s been hunting you. On the arena, look out at the many columns. Just right of the upper platform you jumped down from, you can spot the blue emblem on a column in the distance.
  • Emblem 4: After the fight, you’ll return to a quiet hallway. Continue until you see a large metal vat, just turn right and look in the corner to find it, instead of continuing left.

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