Resident Evil 6: Leon’s Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

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Collectibles are a staple of modern action games, so it’s no surprise Resident Evil 6 saw fit to include these hidden emblems in every corner of their zombie-infested world. Leon’s campaign in the city might be the creepiest, so be on guard as you hunt down every last emblem. Finding these treasures will unlock new figures and files, giving you a small reward in addition to those coveted achievements and trophies. Don’t scour every corner and give up the frustrating search. Find all of the emblems for Leon and Helena’s campaign right here.

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Leon’s Campaign Serpent Emblem Locations

Chapter 1:

  • Emblem 1: After finding the old man in the suit, look inside the closet before leaving. The emblem is in the top left corner.
  • Emblem 2: When looking for a keycard in the faculty officers, search the drawers in the third office desks. One of the desks has an open drawer, the emblem is inside.
  • Emblem 3: Returning to the tracks after you escape the darkness, look right and under the subway train wheels to find another emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Inside the bar, look on the left wall for an emblem tucked beneath a bulletin board, sitting in the alcove’s corner.

Chapter 2:

  • Emblem 1: Down the dirt path, you’ll eventually reach a small cemetery. Look around the sides of the taller gravestone right of the main path, behind a fewer shorter graves.
  • Emblem 2: Inside the cathedral, look at the large circular window above the entrance. You can spot it easily on the second level, but you may want to use a sniper rifle.
  • Emblem 3: After finding a creepy torture chamber, continue into the hallway. From there, enter the bathroom on the left and examine one of the sinks inside. Interacting will lower the water and show a hidden emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Sliding down the slide, you’ll land in high water and have to pass underneath wooden obstructions. After the second of these, turn left and look beyond the wooden fence to spot another emblem.

Chapter 3:

  • Emblem 1: Entering the creepy tomb, immediately turn around and look up to find this emblem.
  • Emblem 2: After dealing with the giant monster, you’ll drop back into water. Follow the path forward and look right for a raised alcove of dry land. Take a moment to interact with the nearby coffins. One can be opened, where an emblem is hidden.
  • Emblem 3: Playing as Leon, you’ll have to cover Helena at a certain point in the chapter, or go it alone while Leon covers you as Helena. When you reach a bridge that must be lowered, turn around to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem 4: Once again, playing as Helena you’ll have an easier time finding this emblem. Travelling to meet up with Leon, look down and left for broken barrels. The emblem is on the ground, inside a partially broken barrel.

Chapter 4:

  • Emblem 1: Before going up the stairs, look down the left hallway full of debris. In a tiny crack against the right wall, you can spot this hidden emblem.
  • Emblem 2: Further into the plane, you’ll enter a cargo area with alcohol behind glass on the right wall. Inside, you can spot an emblem.
  • Emblem 3: After escaping the monster in the market area, turn right down a short alley and look inside one of the open gated shops. There’s an emblem inside.
  • Emblem 4: Immediately turn around and look up, above the low roof and between the two taller buildings you can spot wires and a bright red neon sign. near the sign, you can find a blue emblem.

Chapter 5:

  • Emblem 1: Inside the clothing store, look against the right wall. Inside one of the cupboards, you can find the blue emblem before going upstairs.
  • Emblem 2: After finding another military vehicle with a zombie, look left for an open truck. Inside the truck is another emblem.
  • Emblem 3: Inside the lobby, run down the main path and look right for a reception desk. Inside one of the shelves against the back wall, you can spot an emblem.
  • Emblem 4: On the roof, you’ll be blocked inside a stairwell. Don’t go up yet, instead look behind the stairs and beyond the metal cage to see an emblem in the back right corner.

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