Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Catacombs

    1. Make your way into the brightly-lit room ahead and pull the levers in unison with Helena to activate the next cut scene, then move forward through the catacombs and collect supplies as you go.
    2. Open the last coffin on the left to collect an artifact and climb the steps ahead to reach the corridor above, then pop the lid on another casket behind the next vase on the left and collect the assault rifle.
    3. Continue moving forward through the catacombs to reach the bladed booby trap and take a running start to slide beneath it, then eliminate the zombies on the other side and approach the wall of fire around the next two corners.
    4. Approach the broken ladder on your right to give Helena a boost onto the ledge above and turn around to eliminate any approaching zombies, then wait for the fire to recede before continuing forward across the next bridge and make a right on the other side.
    5. Turn the crank on the right to activate the flame burst and return to the door with the dragon engraving behind the bridge, then attempt to open the sealed tunnel entrance unsuccessfully and use the ring to partially unlock it.
    6. Return to the previous crank and turn it to incinerate the wave of approaching zombies, then equip your shotgun and use it to fend off the enemies that appear behind you.
    7. Clear the immediate area and return to turning the crank until the next cut scene activates, then collect all the items left by the zombies you incinerated and return to the dragon emblem door to open it.
    8. Move forward into the flooded area to spot the monster and make a left around the room, then enter the tunnel at the end and your next right onto dry land.
    9. Head uphill to open the coffin on the right at the top and destroy the emblem within, then continue moving forward to re-enter the water and approach the broken ladder at the end on the left.
    10. Press the indicated button to boost Helena up onto the ledge above and turn around to check the water for the approaching creature, then throw a grenade or open fire on any ripples you see in the surface and stay on the move constantly.
    11. Make your way through the gate after Helena opens it for you to activate the next cut scene, then sprint up the steps on the left and turn right at the top with a sniper rifle equipped.
    12. Find Helena on the ledge across from you and protect her until she can open the gate to your left, then continue moving forward to turn the next crank ahead on the right and open the gate across the gap.
    13. Continue sprinting forward around the balcony to slide beneath the blade trap and turn left on the other side to protect Helena again until she can deactivate the spear trap ahead.
    14. Approach the next console ahead to find the crank missing and turn around to eliminate the next wave of zombies, then stay on the move to avoid their projectile attacks and use a shotgun or sniper rifle to defeat them more quickly.
    15. Defeat the remaining zombies and pick the old crank that one of them leaves behind, then insert it back into the previous console and turn it to open the gate for Helena.
    16. Rejoin Helena and eliminate the ambushing zombie, then approach the levers on the right to pull them down in unison and activate the next cut scene.
    17. Afterwards, make your way down the stone incline to eliminate any zombies in your path and jump down off the ledge at the bottom.
    18. To survive in this area, equip either the shotgun or a powerful pair of pistols and turn around in a circle where you go to avoid being ambushed by approaching zombies.
    19. Move forward across the rock bridge and jump across the next gap on your right, then approach torch-lit area ahead to turn the crank at the bottom and lower the bridge.
    20. Cross the bridge to eliminate the enemies that drop down on the other side and move right to continue along the designated path, then jump off the ledge at the end and make your way forward upon landing below.
    21. Jump across the next gap on your left and turn right to move over another rock bridge, then head down the incline on the right and activate a cut scene in which Helena saves you from falling.
    22. Return to the previous rock platform and eliminate any zombies that descend upon you, then move towards the next downward incline and jump across the gap in it.
    23. Take out the enemy on the next platform ahead of you and jump across the gap to continue moving forward, then approach the rope bridge and plant a remote bomb on it.
    24. Fend off the wave of zombies that approaches and detonate the remote bomb when the obese enemy charges towards you, then continue firing upon this enormous creature with a shotgun until it’s dead.
    25. Cross the next three rope bridges to eliminate another obese zombie with your sniper rifle and jump off the ledge at the end on the right, then approach the broken stone archway to boost Helena onto the stone pillar ahead.
    26. Equip an automatic weapon and look down on the pillar that fell to protect Helena from zombies chasing after her, then select the sniper rifle and use it to pick off the enemies coming down the hill above her.
    27. Continue following Helena’s ascent up the cliffs through your rifle scope so that you can protect her and occasionally turn around to fend off zombies approaching at close-range.
    28. Protect Helena long enough for her to lower the bridge beside you and cross over it to push the boulder the edge on the other side, then jump down to the ground below and continue moving forward along the path.
    29. Move the analog stick in correct direction to escape from falling off the edge again, then continue moving forward to jump across the next gap and turn the crank below to lower the bridge.
    30. Release the crank to take out the enemies that approach from behind and activate the next cut scene, then continue forward along the crumbling path by jumping across the gaps in it and sprinting past or around any zombies you encounter ahead.
    31. Continue forward to reach the small ledge at the end and push the boulder forward to clear a path, then jump across the next gap ahead to activate a cut scene and complete this level.

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