Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    Outdoor Market

    1. Make your way around the walkway to open the red doors at the end and enter the market, then move left up the street ahead and turn right around the next corner to spot the figures in the distance.
    2. Make your next available right to inspect the body on the ground and move forward through the corridor to turn right again into the room in the corner, then collect supplies from within and return to the previous hallway.
    3. Continue down the street to discover a door with three separate locks and activate the next cut scene, then use your shotgun to blow apart the new breed of zombie that has appeared and watch it heal itself.
    4. Split the zombie in half again and destroy its lower section from a distance, then eliminate the enemy’s upper torso crawling along the ground as well and the hands that detach after that.
    5. Make your way towards the nearest objective marker to collect supplies along the way and unbar the next door you see ahead, then pick up Storage Key B and turn around to eliminate an approaching zombie.
    6. Move through the gate that you just unblocked and make a right towards the next closest objective marker, then follow the street around to reach the electrified door beside the fish stand and pull the lever on the left to deactivate the power.
    7. Open the previously electrified door to pick up the next key in front of you and eliminate the zombies that crawl out of the ventilation shaft, then return to the first door you unbarred and climb the ladder to the left of it.
    8. Make a right to reach the end of the rooftop and press the indicted button to launch Helena across the gap, move right again to climb down the next ladder and move through the door at the bottom.
    9. Approach the third objective marker to move through the gate that Helena opens for you, then make your way around the alley to kick down the door at the end and collect Storage Key C from the bathroom on the other side.
    10. Exit the bathroom to make your way back to the door with three separate locks and use the keys to open it, then move forward through the building ahead and press the indicated buttons to fight off the zombie that attacks you.
    11. Move through the double doors at the back of the area to activate the next cut scene, then head down the staircase on your left to reach the level below and open the red-lit door on the right.
    12. Sprint forward without stopping towards the elevator in the distance ahead to activate the red laser traps and use a running slide to maneuver beneath the damaging beams, then approach the doorway at the end to starting breaking through the security system.
    13. Continue smashing the the security system until you gain access to the elevator and collect the supplies in the next room, then approach the indicated door to try opening it unsuccessfully and activate a cut scene.
    14. Afterwards, equip your shotgun and stay on the move consistently to destroy the exploding robots scurrying around the room.
    15. Keep your shotgun aimed towards Helena and use it to destroy any robot that approaches her from behind until the next cut scene is activated, then move forward into the room ahead to collect supplies from the trunks on the left and right.
    16. Move out onto the catwalk in the next area ahead and drop over the ledge to your left, then head forward around the corner to spot Ada and sprint after her down the long corridor in front of you.
    17. Continue chasing Ada until you lose her in the cloud of smoke and turn the corner ahead to reach the door at the end of the walkway, then open it to activate the next cut scene.
    18. Afterwards, enter the control room on your right to collect supplies before moving the opposite way around the catwalk and exiting the building through open doorway on the floor below to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…