Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    Infected City

    1. Follow the solider down the stairs and make a right at the bottom to activate the next cut scene, then continue behind him to climb the steps ahead on the right and open the gate at the top.
    2. Make your way uphill to enter the store ahead on the right and search the area for supplies, then climb the stairs to reach the third floor above and move through the exit before the zombies can get to you.
    3. Navigate the hallway ahead to eliminate the zombies blocking your path and exit out the double doors at the end of the corridor, then move down the steps behind you to enter the vehicle at the bottom and ride to the next location.
    4. Approach the barricade after being dropped off in front of the towers and boost over the top to activate the next cut scene, then open fire on the wave of zombies marching towards you and escape into the building on your right.
    5. Crawl through the wreckage at the back of the area and continue moving forward to exit through the door ahead, then turn left to check the corpse and enter the room beside you to climb beneath another obstacle.
    6. Take out the zombies on the other side and search the area for supplies, then move left to open the next door and follow the corridor ahead to eliminate the zombies coming up the steps around the corner.
    7. Use remote bombs and grenades to help clear the stairs before moving down them, then exit through the door at the bottom to reach the infected traffic jam outside and vault over the railing ahead to land on the street beneath you.
    8. Equip an automatic weapon or shotgun to head right through the sea of cars and eliminate the approaching hoard of zombies, then continue moving to witness the plane explosion and stay close to your partner while running to escape the wall of flames.
    9. Continue sprinting towards the next soldier that appears in front of you to run across the top of the cars and reach the helicopter ahead to escape in it, then press the indicated button to kick off the zombie grabbing your leg and activate a cut scene.
    10. Press the indicated buttons during the cut scene to avoid crashing the helicopter and eliminate the zombie that attacks Helena, then follow the on-screen prompts to avoid being crushed inside the tower and move through the next set of double doors ahead.
    11. Vault over the railing to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Simmons again, then make your way around the outer edge of the area to collect additional supplies and open fire on the mutated creature or the explosive barrels beside it with a scoped rifle until the enemy returns to human form.
    12. Sprint towards Derek in human form and open fire on him with your shotgun, then execute a series of melee assaults to continue damaging the boss until he mutates back into an enormous creature.
    13. Move in a circle around the pillar at the center of the room to lead the mutated Derek towards the explosive red barrels and detonate them to cause the monster significant damage, then attacks the boss in human form as you did before.
    14. Use the surrounding vehicles to keep a safe distance from the mutated Derek as you continue shooting him and detonating the barrels until the next cut scene activates, then use the guns on the back of the moving army vehicle to open fire on the eyeball inside the creature’s mouth.
    15. Continue targeting the eyeballs in the creature’s mouth and on its chest until the mutated Derek is able to destroy the vehicle you’re on, then throw grenades or remote bombs at the boss and roll sideways if the monster charges your way.
    16. Sprint to a safe distance continuously to keep attacking the eyeball inside mutated Derek’s mouth and return him to human form, then move in close to execute more melee combo attacks and search the surrounding area to refill on supplies.
    17. Repeat the attack pattern of shooting the monster from a distance and moving in close to strike the human form of Simmons with melee combos until a cut scene is activated in which the enemy falls over dead.
    18. Afterwards, alternate between pressing the indicated buttons to climb up the elevator cable and reach the bridge above to start eliminating the zombies that start dropping down around you.
    19. Use a scoped rifle to pick off the zombies attacking Ada on the other half of the broken bridge in the distance and continue shooting the mutated Derek until he returns to human form, then continue this pattern of assault before you are forced to jump back onto the nearby elevator cable.
    20. Continue climbing up the elevator cable as quickly as possible and press the indicated buttons to escape from the mutated Derek coming after you from below until the next cut scene activates, then use a scoped rifle to protect Ada from the approaching monster.
    21. After Ada is able to get on her feet, continue firing at the monster with your rifle and roll sideways to avoid the mutated monster whenever it charges towards you.
    22. Sprint back and forth across the bridge to keep a safe distance from the monster as you continue firing your rifle into mutated Derek’s head, then pick up any herbs and defeat any zombies you encounter during the battle.
    23. Watch for the creature to rear back before executing an evasive rolling maneuver and continue firing upon the mutated Derek from a safe distance until the next cut scene is activated, then take out the surrounding wave of zombies and search the rooftop for supplies.
    24. Open fire on the mutated Derek with your shotgun and use evasive rolling maneuvers often to avoid the creature’s multiple stabbing attacks, then take cover behind the wall on the left to recover from any damage you suffer during the battle.
    25. Continue shooting Simmons with your shotgun and fighting off the zombies until you are able to escape through the nearby gate, then climb the staircase to reach the area above and search it for supplies.
    26. Move towards the opposite side of the roof to make your way down another staircase in the corner and kick open the door on the right at the bottom, then climb onto the platform beside you and boost Helena on top of the crane above to activate the next cut scene.
    27. Open fire on the red eyes of the creature looming above with a scoped rifle and equip a shotgun whenever the mutated Derek moves its head in close, then shoot down the projectiles the monster spits at you to avoid taking damage.
    28. Continue fending off the boss until you are able to climb onto the next rooftop and eliminate the surrounding zombies, then open the indicated door ahead and collect the supplies located behind it.
    29. Climb the ladder in the corner to collect additional supplies at the top and vault over the railing to activate another cut scene, then stay on the move to avoid the monster’s stabbing legs and get in close beneath the creature’s underbelly to destroy the yellow sacs with your shotgun.
    30. Destroy the yellow sacs on the creature’s underbelly or use a melee attacks to severely damage the legs it implants into the floor, then continue battling with mutated Derek until he accidentally electrocutes himself.
    31. Pick up the lightning rod laying on the floor and use it to impale a a nearby zombie, then continue attacking the monster’s legs until it falls over and move in close to unload shotgun rounds into the creature’s head.
    32. Continue targeting mutated Derek’s weak spots until a cut scene is activated in which the monster is struck by lightning for a second time, then climb over the obstacles in front of you to reach the helipad above and pick up the rocket launcher.
    33. Aim the rocket launcher at mutated Derek’s head to fire a single shot and activate the next cut scene, then enter the helicopter behind you to complete this campaign.

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