Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    Ace of Spades

    1. Move through the red door ahead in the corner and follow your team through the next maze of corridors, then use the corners in the hallways as cover to eliminate the surrounding enemies with head shots and melee strikes.
    2. Clear the area to search it for supplies and follow your team through the next red door, then move down the staircase to reach the next floor below and enter another room with a maze of corridors.
    3. Follow your team through the various room and corridors, then collect supplies and eliminate the enemies you encounter along the way.
    4. Open the next red door in the corner and take out the enemies attached to the ceiling above, then continue through the rooms to your right and reach the room where the hostages are being held.
    5. Finish searching the area for supplies, then open the indicated room where the hostages are being held to activate the next cut scene.
    6. Afterwards, chase the nearest spider creatures back through the previous corridors and use flash grenades to help you free the first hostage.
    7. Fight your way back into the previous staircase and climb the steps to return to the 8th floor above, then locate the second hostage and chase after the spider creature that has a hold of him.
    8. Use the on-screen objective marker to find the second hostage and use a flash bang grenade to free him from the spider creature, then return to the previous staircase and head down the steps to enter the sixth floor at the bottom.
    9. Make a right around the next corner past the hole in the floor and approach the indicated doors ahead to enter the elevator, then press the button to descend towards the first floor below and wait for the car to stall before reaching the bottom.
    10. Press the indicated button to locate the panel in the ceiling above and boost your partner up through it, then join him on the roof of the elevator to activate a cut scene in which the car is destroyed by a bazooka.
    11. Look towards the walkway above you to eliminate the enemy packing a rocket launcher and open the elevator doors on the wall beside you to encounter the next group of J’avos, then toss a grenade amongst them to clear the initial area.
    12. Move forward into the next room ahead and take cover to eliminate the enemies that appear with the help of your grenades, then finish clearing the area with head shots and teamwork.
    13. Approach the red door in the back left corner of this area to open it and move down the staircase ahead, then enter the second floor below and make a right around the corner in the next room.
    14. Search the room for supplies then drop onto the grated pits at the center of the area, then approach the opening in the floor to locate the third hostage below and kill the enemy in front of her.
    15. Drop through the opening in the grate to land beside the hostage below and take cover to eliminate the enemies in the corners, then quickly take aim at the left side of the woman’s head and pick off the J’avo before he can cut her throat.
    16. Search the area for supplies and exit through the indicated door to reach the next room, then make a left to activate a cut scene in which you are separated from the rest of the team.
    17. Afterwards, climb the indicated ladder to reach the level above and open the door at the top to enter the next room that’s being bombed.
    18. Turn left to move through the next open doorway in the back corner and climb the staircase to reach the level above, then vault over the tables to your right and continue sprinting towards the on-screen objective marker to fall through the floor in front of the exit.
    19. Follow the on-screen prompts to crawl up out of the hole in the floor, then approach the exit in front of you to activate the next cut scene and complete this mission.
    20. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Rescue the Hostages (15 points): Complete Chapter 1 in Chris’ campaign.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…