Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    Streets of Edonia

    1. Take cover behind the vehicle to eliminate the enemies in the distance ahead and move forward through the building on your left, then fire out the next doorway on the right to continue clearing the area.
    2. Exit the building to take cover behind the trucks or sandbags and look for the gunfire in the distance to locate the enemies, then take out the J’avos in the windows and on the staircases above.
    3. Make your way up the steps ahead on the left to continue clearing the streets below and the windows above, then vault over the balcony to take cover behind the humvees that drive down the street.
    4. Eliminate the enemy on the bridge above and the remaining ones in the nearby street vicinity, then climb the steps in the corner to your left and enter the next building to clear out the J’avos inside.
    5. Search structure for supplies and exit across the bridge on the right, then open the barred door on the opposite side to activate a cut scene in which you encounter the enormous monster.
    6. Sprint back and forth across the bridge to avoid the debris being thrown by the enormous monster, then open fire on the exposed red area atop the creature’s back.
    7. Continue shooting the monster until it is close enough to smash the bridge and chase your character away, then retreat down the street behind you and climb the next ladder on the left.
    8. Run across the wooden bridge at the top and turn around to continue firing upon the monster’s red weak spot, then wait until the creature is close enough to strike and drop back over the ride side of the walkway to land in the streets below.
    9. Climb the ladder on the opposite side of the street and make a left through the building to collect additional supplies, then keep moving to avoid the enormous arm that smashes open the wall and turn around shoot the monster’s red bulge whenever possible.
    10. Continue opening fire on the creature’s weak spot until the next cut scene activates, then follow the humvee that has arrived to make your way up the street and eliminate the enemies in the next building on the right.
    11. Fight your way forward through the building and take cover behind the humvee again to continue following it up the street ahead, then enter the next structure on the left and climb the stairs in the corner.
    12. Jump across the gap at the top to eliminate the enemy on the other side with a melee strike, then drop back to the ground floor below and slide beneath the opening at the bottom of the nearby wall.
    13. Find cover and use grenades to eliminate the enemies at the top of the hill in the road ahead, then make a left at the end of the street and move through the opening that’s created in the fence beside you.
    14. Drop into the train yard below and climb the ladder beside you to collect supplies from above, then rejoin your team at their position below and pick off the J’avos on the ledges in the station ahead.
    15. Move forward through the train station to continue eliminating the enemies and check the boxcars for supplies, then return to your team and protect Finn until the next cut scene is activated to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…