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    Gun Turrets

    1. Turn around to retreat down the road behind you and make a right through the next open doorway to climb the steps inside, then fight your way across the rooms at the top and approach the turret at the end.
    2. Eliminate the enemy manning the turret and open fire on the enormous monster’s red back growth to distract it while Finn sets the charges, then use melee strikes to fend off any approaching J’avos and continue this line of attack until the explosives are ready to blow.
    3. Escape from the vicinity of the turret before the countdown hits zero to avoid taking damage and exit the current building, then make your way towards the next red-colored objective marker and open the indicated door around the corner.
    4. Enter the next building to eliminate the enemy at the top of the steps and in the back left corner of the room, then climb the stairs to reach the ladder above and make your way up it.
    5. Take out the enemies around the turret, then move back and forth across the rooftop to protect Finn as you did before so that he can plant the charges.
    6. Drop back down the previous ladder to escape from the turret before it explodes and exit the structure to approach the next building across the street, then climb another ladder to reach the ledge above and man the turret to open fire on the monster.
    7. Continue shooting the monster with turret until doubles over in pain, then sprint across the ledge until you’re right beside the enamors creature and press the indicated button to jump on its back for a critical strike.
    8. Repeat the previous line of assault to execute another critical melee strike and defeat the enormous monster, then re-enter the building where you blew up the second turret and drop down through the opening on the ground floor.
    9. Move through the next doorway to navigate the underground and eliminate the enemies in your path as you collect supplies, then climb the ladder at the end and take out the J’avo on the steps above.
    10. Climb the steps to reach the ledge above and jump across the next gap ahead, then follow your team around the corner and drop over the edge to land back in the streets below.
    11. Eliminate the enemies around the third turret and protect Finn from the J’avos on the surrounding rooftops or ledges above, then survive this onslaught until the charges are detonated and you receive your next objective.
    12. Make your way up one of the ladders that line the street and open fire on the monster from an elevated position until it doubles over in pain, then jump on its back to rip out one of the protruding spikes and continue attacking the creature until the next cut scene is activated to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…