Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Apartment Building

    1. Inspect the bodies in front of you and make a left through the corridor to open the door at the end, then continue navigating the narrow hallways and move down the next set of steps.
    2. Open the door ahead on the right and turn the corner in the next corridor to activate the next cut scene, then follow the blood trail through the hall ahead to make your way down the steps at the end.
    3. Move through the next door on the left and search the area for supplies, then enter the adjacent room to encounter the snake and shoot the blurry figure above your struggling teammate to inflict damage upon the creature.
    4. Make your way into the next room on the right and open the door in front of you, then navigate the corridor ahead to reach the top of the staircase and shoot the snake as it descends from the ceiling.
    5. Approach the rope ahead to slide down it and push the obstacle the drops so that it falls over the edge to activate the next cut scene, then walk through the doorway ahead and turn the left corner to reach the staircase.
    6. Climb the stairs to reach the second floor and move through the door on the left, then enter the next room ahead and encounter the B.O.W. snake again.
    7. Sprint into the next room ahead and drop through the hole in the floor, then check your fallen teammate and exit through the gate on the right to activate a cut scene.
    8. Afterwards, equip your grenade launcher and use evasive rolling maneuvers to retreat from the snake until you reach a safe distance.
    9. Look for the glimmering blue of the snake in motion and fire your grenade launcher at it to disable the creatures cloaking defense, then continue attacking the monster until it disappears again and sprint in a circle around the outer walls of the room to dodge the B.O.W.’s next strike.
    10. Fire upon the snake repeatedly with your grenade launcher until it retreats from the room and slide through the opening in the wall, then crawl forward to get attacked by the creature and press the indicated button to score a head shot.
    11. Continue crawling forward through the shaft to stand up in the next room and activate a short cut scene, then press the indicated button to escape from the snake’s grasp and search the area for supplies.
    12. Open fire on the snake’s blurred form to disable its cloaking defense and sprint in a circle around the room to avoid the creature’s follow-up attack, then continue shooting the B.O.W. and roll sideways to dodge its next lunging strike.
    13. Enter the kitchen through the open door in the corner and search the area for supplies, then continue rolling sideways to avoid each of the snake’s attacks and eventually kill the creature with your grenade launcher or shotgun to activate a cut scene.
    14. Climb the indicated ladder to open the door at the top and encounter the snake again, then open fire on the creature as it slides by you and move around the next corner ahead to find another ladder.
    15. Move up the next ladder ahead to make a right at the top and pull the green-lit lever as the snake passes below to activate a cut scene, then pull the lever a second time to electrocute the creature a second time and roll sideways if the B.O.W. climbs on the ledge beside you.
    16. After defeating the snake, drop down the ladder on the right and approach the on-screen objective marker ahead to have Marco pull you up onto the ledge above.
    17. Make your way across the ledge to move up the next set of steps on the right without getting electrocuted and turn left at the top, then open the red double doors on the left and activate another cut scene.
    18. Following the cut scene, keep a safe distance at all times as you open fire on the swarm of bees with your shotgun and reveal the larger creature within.
    19. Shoot the larger creature within the swarm of bees each time you clear them out with your shotgun and continue this line of attack to defeat the mutated Marco, then approach his remains to collect the demolition supplies and plant the explosives on the indicated gate to activate a cut scene.
    20. Afterwards, make your way down the staircase ahead and open the next door at the bottom to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…