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    The Ship

    1. Open fire on the enemy attacking Piers to activate a cut scene, then move through the open doorway in the corner and clear the room with your shotgun.
    2. Collect the sniper riffle from the table and climb the stairs in the corner to reach the floor above, then enter the next room at the top and drop down over the nearby ladder.
    3. Turn around to approach the opposite side of the platform and take cover behind the railing, then use your sniper rifle to pick off the enemies across the area by locating them from their red targeting lasers.
    4. Move back across the platform to drop down another ladder and land on the ground floor below, then move left towards the on-screen objective marker to spot Ada Wong again.
    5. Take cover behind some of the nearby crates to eliminate the next wave of enemies, switching between your sniper rifle and shotgun to compensate for the distance at which they attack you.
    6. Target the new breed of enemy’s legs and retreat when they bubble over to avoid taking damage from the impending explosion, then make your way across to the right side of the area and enter the large cargo plane through the rear.
    7. Exit out the right side of the plane and continue moving forward to activate the next cut scene, then use grenades to eliminate the wave of enemies ahead and cross to the left side of the area.
    8. Climb the staircase in the corner and make your way around the corridor at the top to move up the ladder at the end, then head right across the next catwalk and approach the gap in the middle.
    9. Turn left to detonate the barrels on the balcony above and clear out the remaining enemies, then inspect the gap in the catwalk to spot the rocket and press the indicated button to launch Piers over to the other side.
    10. After the catwalk has finished rotating, jump across the gap in front of you to reach the next ledge and eliminate the pair of enemies ahead.
    11. Continue moving forward across the balcony and eliminate the enemies ahead using your grenades or grenade launcher, then turn the corner and grab the pipe above at the end of the catwalk.
    12. Tap the indicated button repeatedly to climb forward across the pipe and land beside the rocket on the other side, then eliminate the enemies in front of you and use grenades to continue clearing the near vicinity.
    13. Approach the rocket and follow the on-screen prompts to launch it into the barricade across the room, then drop over the nearby ladder to land on the ground floor again and move forward to eliminate the next wave of enemies ahead.
    14. Fight your way towards the back right corner of the area and move through the barred single door, then clear the control room ahead with the grenade launcher and exit to approach the indicated double doors you passed earlier.
    15. Move through the double doors to reach the outside area and make a right up the next staircase, then turn around at the top to collect supplies and head to the opposite side of this platform to drop over the edge.
    16. Climb onto the next ledge in front of you and make your way up the stairs ahead, then use the ladder at the top to reach the floor above and move forward to ascend the steps at the end.
    17. Open the next door around the corner to enter the control room and approach the glowing-green panel to pull the lever, then drop down the ladder behind you and descend the next staircase to activate a cut scene.
    18. Afterwards, jump through the broken section of railing beside you to land on the shipping container and drop over the edge to reach the ground floor below.
    19. Make your way towards the opposite side of the room and eliminate the enemies in your path, then take cover and equip the rocket launcher to help you finish clearing the near vicinity.
    20. Sprint towards the on-screen objective marker to enter the control room you cleared earlier and exit out the opposite end, then climb the staircase ahead to make a right at the top and move through the next door on your left to activate the cut scene.
    21. Afterwards, open the nearby door to enter the next area ahead and enter the elevator around the corner to ride it to the next floor above.
    22. Exit the elevator to enter the room on the right and eliminate the enemy that emerges through the door on the left, then move into the next area to take out another group of J’avos and the wave of spider creatures that appear next with your grenade launcher.
    23. Open the next door to enter the corridor ahead and make a right into the shower room, then eliminate the enemies within and search the area for supplies.
    24. Leave the shower room and make a left to continue down the previous corridor, then open the double doors at the end and search the laundry area for supplies.
    25. Climb the staircase to the left of the washing machines and eliminate the enemies at the top, then search the outside area for supplies and return to the previous room to open the next door.
    26. Cross the room to open the door on the other side and make a right around the corner to spot Ada Wong again, then eliminate the Javo’s that arrive in the area and exit through the corner ahead.
    27. Eliminate the enemies that appear in the next room and move through the door that opens to climb the next staircase ahead, then make a left at the top to search the surrounding area for supplies and take out another J’avo.
    28. Move through the next door in the corner at the end of the corridor and eliminate the creatures crawling along the ceiling ahead, then make your way forward into the control room and spot Ada Wong again.
    29. Head through the doorway in the back of the control room and open fire on the swarm of flies to eliminate the creature hiding within, then exit out the window ahead and make a right around the next corner to climb another staircase.
    30. Open the double doors at the top to enter the next area and eliminate the enemies within using your grenade launcher, then make a right around the corner ahead and clear out the control room of all remaining J’avos.
    31. Make your way across the control room to approach the flashing light in the corner and take cover behind the nearby control station, then wait for Piers to finish turning the valve wheel and eliminate the creatures that appear next.
    32. Climb the ladder that has descended and move up the next staircase at the top, then climb a second ladder to reach the area above and open the nearby door to complete this level.

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