Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Pass Codes and the Jet

    1. Afterwards, make a right around the corner ahead to the check the red-lit panel and continue moving forward to collect the fist passcode laying on the floor by the dead body.
    2. Move through the door in the right corner to activate the next cut scene, then use your shotgun to eliminate the new breed of creatures at the bottom of the steps in front of you.
    3. Enter the kitchen on your right to search it for supplies and approach the door in the back left corner to encounter another wave of creatures, then clear them out with the shotgun and exit the room after the fire has been extinguished.
    4. Make your way through the door immediately to left in the darkened corner and turn the yellow locking mechanism in front of you to enter the next hall, then navigate the winding corridor to cross through a blue-lit room and continue towards the on-screen key icon.
    5. Open the next door locked with a yellow mechanism and move forward down the stairs to reach the flooded area below, then make a right around the corner ahead to climb the steps and navigate the corridor to reach another yellow locking mechanism.
    6. Enter the next hallway ahead to open the door on your right and eliminate the creature waiting behind it, then search the dining area for supplies and use the yellow-lit exit to reach another small corridor.
    7. Turn the corner on your left to open another locked door and make the first right into a blood-spattered corridor, then move through the next door beside you and approach the barred area ahead.
    8. Open the set of double doors to be pull into the next room ahead by one of the creatures, then eliminate this enemy quickly with your shotgun and pick up the second pass code off the floor.
    9. Exit the two two room and make a left down the hall, then return to the dining area and use the previous entry point to move back through the orange-lit doorway beside you.
    10. Turn the corner ahead to enter the second room on the left and collect the final passcode off the floor, then make your way back through the flooded area and continue in the direction of the objective marker to return to the red-lit panel from the start of this level.
    11. Use the pass codes on the red-lit panel to open the next room and move forward across it to exit this area through the double doors ahead, then make a left to be ambushed by a pair of creatures that push you off the railing.
    12. Open fire on the enemies above you to survive the attack and escape from danger, then continue around the walkway to open the door at the end and move forward across the next corridor.
    13. Exit the hallway through the green-lit double doors in the corner ahead and sprint towards the jet to activate the next cut scene, then locate your target using the green squares that appear on-screen and press the indicated button to start opening fire on it.
    14. Execute a barrel roll each time an alert appears on-screen to dodge the incoming missiles and continue firing upon the indicated target below, then fly over the aircraft carrier and steer towards the various red icons to destroy the surrounding enemy choppers one-by-one.
    15. Destroy the remaining anti-aircraft guns as indicated by the green squares to activate the next cut scene, then use the jet’s machine guns to fend off the enemies that approach Piers from behind and continue protecting him as he clears each obstacle from his path.
    16. Detonate the red barrels on the deck of the aircraft carrier below to protect Piers more effectively as he sets charges, then open fire on the face of the enormous monster that appears next and hold him off until your teammate is able to finish his job.
    17. Following the next cut scene, move your jet in front of the crane on the right and continue shooting the monster until Piers is able to re-enter the cockpit.
    18. Launch multiple rockets into the head of the enormous monster until it falls over dead, then open fire on the indicated missile below to activate a cut scene and complete this chapter.
    19. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: There’s Always Hope (15 points): Complete Chapter 4 in Chris’ campaign.

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    Martin Petersson

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