Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    1. Approach the indicated monitor to activate another cut scene, then press the green button and sprint towards the elevator platform to pull the lever.
    2. Turn around to pick off the enemies on the left and use melee strikes or the shotgun to clear out the ones that drop onto the platform you’re riding, then search the surrounding doorways that open and use a sniper rifle to eliminate the J’avos shooting from afar.
    3. Survive the continuous wave of enemies that attack from all sides until the next cut scene is activated, then climb the nearby ladder as quickly as possible to escape from the pursuing B.O.W.and reach the next ledge above.
    4. Jump the next gap in front of you and follow Piers across the narrow ledge, then clear a second gap and continue sprinting up the incline to climb over the various obstacles ahead.
    5. Launch Piers onto the uppermost ledge above and press the indicated button to have him pull you up, then jump down onto the next walkway below and continue moving forward around the incline.
    6. Open fire on the B.O.W. each time it blocks your path with a tentacle and continue moving around the walkway to slide under or jump over the obstacles ahead, then launch Piers onto the next uppermost ledge above and have him pull you up again.
    7. Launch Piers onto a ledge above you for a third time to become separated after the B.O.W. destroys the walkways, then press the indicated button to survive the attack and rejoin your teammate in the elevator ahead.
    8. Exit the elevator upon reaching the next floor above and encounter the B.O.W. again, then move in a circle around the room to collect supplies and get behind the creature to open fire on the vulnerable area at the base of its spine.
    9. Roll sideways to avoid the monster’s limbs that come crashing down and continue moving in a circle around the outer edge of the room, then open fire on the creature’s head by starting with your most powerful weapon and equipping the next weakest one each time you run out of ammo.
    10. Defeat the B.O.W with consistent shots to the head and by moving in a constant circle around the room until a cut scene activates, then make your way forward through the corridor ahead and encounter the monster again.
    11. Climb up the collapsed catwalk to reach the corridor above and open fire on the creature’s tentacle that smashes through the wall in front of you, then continue moving forward and slide beneath the closing gates ahead.
    12. Reach the end of the corridor to activate a cut scene and tap the indicated button to hold the gate open for Piers, then open the next door ahead and make a left across the corridor beside you.
    13. Sprint through the corridor as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the pursuing B.O.W. until the next cut scene is activated, then search the area for supplies and approach the indicated console to hit the depressurization switch.
    14. Move in a circle around the room and use the containers as cover so that you can safely approach the B.O.W., then allow Piers to distract the monster and destroy the two orange sacs in the sides of its body.
    15. Daze the B.O.W with flash bang grenades and shotgun rounds, then move around behind the creatures and open fire on it’s orange-colored weak spots to cause further damage.
    16. Incapacitate the creature and attack one of its orange sacs with a melee attack, then continue opening fire on the hardened shell the monster encases itself in until it bursts back out again.
    17. Run to a distance from the creature and open fire on its orange sacs with your sniper rifle, then repeat the previous three steps to completely weaken the B.O.W. and activate a short cut scene.
    18. Afterwards, crawl through the water towards the creature’s underbelly and press the indicated button to finish the monster off with a special melee strike.
    19. Following the next cut scene, exit the room through the indicated door by turning the valve and move across the walkway to jump the next gap ahead.
    20. Allow Piers to destroy the sacs blocking your path and continue moving forward to slide beneath the next obstacle, then continue across CAMPAIGN walkway as quickly as possible until a cut scene is activated to complete the game.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…