Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Subway Tunnels

    1. Make your way down the steps in front of you and turn right at the bottom to move through the sewer tunnels ahead, then break apart the crates in the last corner at the end to collect additional ammo and approach the red door on the left to open it.
    2. Drop onto the train tracks below and make a left through the next tunnel, then approach the red lit area ahead and eliminate the zombie crawling on the ground in front of you.
    3. Continue following the tracks along the tunnel and knock down the zombies standing in your way, then watch for train lights ahead to move against the nearest wall and press the indicated button to dodge the oncoming transport.
    4. Push forward in the direction of the on-screen objective marker to continue along the train tracks and reach the burning barrel ahead on the left, then eliminate the surrounding zombies and back up or roll sideways to take out the dogs before they can reach you.
    5. Check the crates behind the burning barrel for supplies and continue moving forward through the tunnel, then take out the zombies in the red-lit area ahead on the right and stay near the wall to dodge the next oncoming train.
    6. Continue towards the on-screen objective marker ahead and start backing up when you see the group of burning zombies coming down the tunnels, then take them out with well-aimed head-shots to move forward again.
    7. Climb onto the indicated platform to your left and open the door above to move down the staircase below, then use melee strikes to push past the zombies that appear in front of you and exit through the red door around the corner at the bottom of the steps.
    8. Drop onto the next set of tracks below to move left through the tunnel and approach the enemy shadows in the distance ahead, then sprint towards the horde of zombies around the corner and toss a grenade amongst them to clear out most of the group.
    9. Continue eliminating the zombies ahead until you are warned of the train approaching from behind, then sprint over to the opposite side of the tracks and push forward in the direction of the on-screen objective marker.
    10. Follow the tracks on the right forward to reach the train parked at the next station ahead and activate the cut scene, then eliminate the zombies that start appearing and climb onto the platform beside the rear car.
    11. Push on the train’s door beside you to activate another cut scene, then drop back to the tracks below and approach your partner to give her a boost up onto the roof of the rear car.
    12. Climb back onto the platform to try the door again and enter the train, then move right through the series of cars by opening the exit doors at the end of each one and take out any zombies you see along the way.
    13. Enter the last car to turn left at the end and drop to the ground below to exit the train, then move right along the next set of tracks and climb onto the subway platform ahead.
    14. Move forward across the subway platform to collect supplies along the way and press the indicated button on the wall at the end, then turn around to open the train doors beside you and watch as the rescued woman raises the nearby shutter.
    15. Take cover behind the obstacle across from the shutter and open fire on the approaching zombies to clear them out of your way, then climb the next set of steps ahead to reach street level above.
    16. Eliminate the zombie at the top of the steps and search the area for supplies, then pass through the turnstile ahead and approach the barred door across from you to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…