Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Battlefield

    1. Make your way up the stairs in the corner to climb the ladder at the top and make a right through the next corridor, then ascend the second ladder ahead and take a left around the corner in front of you.
    2. Open the door at the end of the hall to reach the outside and take cover behind one of the buildings ahead to avoid the chopper fire, then continue forward and slide beneath the bullets coming from the left.
    3. Take a left through the alley to cross the length of the next room and exit the building to eliminate the enemies you see outside with a series of melee attacks, then cross a second structure in the corner and jump out the back window.
    4. Move right to take out the enemy firing rockets at the chopper and drop down over the ledge ahead, then wait for the explosions to stop and continue making your way forward.
    5. Follow the path uphill and into the next building on the right to get thrown through air by a rocket explosion, then collect supplies and exit using the open window ahead.
    6. Make a left to rejoin your partner and eliminate the next enemy ahead, then move right along the path drop over the ledge at the end and open the next door in front of you to activate a cut scene.
    7. Afterwards, search the room for supplies and exit through the next open doorway in the corner to fall off the wooden walkway overlooking the cliff.
    8. Continue moving along the wooden walkway, after Sherry pulls you back up, and eliminate the enemy at the end, then jump across the gap ahead and take out another J’avo on the other side.
    9. Fight your way around the ledge to reach the next building ahead and eliminate the enemy guarding the second window, then enter the structure and drop down over the ladder to the left.
    10. Eliminate the enemy that approaches from outside and exit the building to make a left around the ledge, the clear the next gap ahead and continue along the walkway to reach the broken ladder at the end.
    11. Launch Sherry onto the next ledge above and head back the way you came to climb the previous ladder, then move forward at the top to make a left and use the pole to swing across the large gap.
    12. Jump across the next gap ahead to climb the ladder on the other side and turn around at the top, then kick a second ladder down to Sherry and wait for her to rejoin you.
    13. Turn around to drop back over the previous ladder and make a left around the nearby corner, then cross the next wooden walkway ahead to nearly fall off the edge and press the indicated button to pull yourself up.
    14. Open the next door ahead to continue moving forward around the path and enter the the cave, then take cover to eliminate the enemies in front of you and vault over the next barricade to drop further into the cavern.
    15. Approach the next broken ladder in front of you to launch Sherry onto the ledge above and turn right to jump over the next gap, using the pole she drops down, then climb onto the walkway ahead and make a left across it to encounter the chopper again.
    16. Sprint across the walkway to jump across the various gaps and stay ahead of the chopper fire to climb the steps at the end, then use the pole on your left to swing over another gap and move up the stairs in front of you to open the door at the top.
    17. Follow Sherry down the path to your left and ignore the armed J’avos as you go, then open the next iron gate around the corner to activate a cut scene.
    18. Afterwards, sprint down the alley behind you to retreat from the monster in pursuit and jump off at the end to land on the scaffolding below.
    19. Approach the end of the scaffolding to jump off the end and save Sherry to enter the next building across from you, then turn around to enter the bathroom on the left and eliminate the enemy within to approach the opposite wall.
    20. Make a right to open the red door in the corner and drop down over the ladder to eliminate the enemy below, then search both areas for supplies and return to the previous corridor.
    21. Open the indicated door to spot the exit across from you and make a right along the balcony, then drop over the ledge at the end to reach the ground floor below and search the area for supplies.
    22. Move through the next door on your left to encounter the enemies that descend through the hole in the roof and clear them out with melee strikes, then continue across the room ahead and search the area for supplies.
    23. Approach the set of green double doors to encounter the large monster again and retreat past it to the opposite side of the room, then turn around to face the creature and detonate the red barrel nearest to it.
    24. Continue moving past the various red barrels around the area to draw the monster over to them, then retreat to a short distance and turn back to detonate the explosion with a single shot.
    25. After detonating all the red barrels on the ground floor, climb the staircase located at the center of this area and jump the next gap at the top.
    26. Turn around to aim at your gun at the red barrel you just passed by and wait for the monster to approach, then detonate an explosion and repeat the previous attack patter on the upper level to continue weakening the creature.
    27. Fight off the surrounding J’avos as you make your way around the upper balcony and continue detonating the various red barrels until the next cut scene is activated.
    28. Afterwards, make your way through the darkened rooms ahead to collect supplies and find the Elephant Killer pistol.
    29. Climb the ladder in the last room to exit the ruins and return to the outside, then make your next left ahead to eliminate a pair of enemies around the corner and open the gate they were guarding to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

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