Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    ID Medals

    1. Exit the locker room to move through the corridor ahead and climb the next staircase on the right to eliminate the enemies at the top.
    2. Collect the ID Medal from the fallen creature and continue across the corridor on the ground floor to open the door at the end, then search the room for supplies and climb the previous staircase to reach the level above.
    3. Turn left at the top of the stairs to eliminate another creature and move forward across the intersecting hallways, then enter the room beside you and open the drawer beside the bed to collect a second ID Medal.
    4. Kick open the door on the other side of the bed and make a right around the next hallway, then move through another door at the end and use melee attacks to eliminate the group of enemies behind it.
    5. Move through the double doors on the left to enter the library and eliminate the enemies on the balcony above, the cross to the back of the room and take out the remaining J’avo.
    6. Climb the stairs to make a left around the corner at the top and use melee attacks to eliminate the next wave of enemies, then pick up the ID Medal that’s been left behind and head back down the previous staircase.
    7. Exit the library to make a left down the hall and turn right around the next corner to reach the lounging area, then approach the table on the left and place a remote bomb beside it.
    8. Detonate the remote bomb to dislodge the ID Medal from the table and collect it, then move back through the previous corridor and eliminate the enemies ahead to pick up another medal that’s been left behind.
    9. Move forward into the lobby and make a right to swing across the gap on the overhanging pole, then descend the next set of steps and eliminate the enemies guarding the doors at the bottom to pick up the ID Medals they leave behind.
    10. Cross to the side of the room opposite of the large double doors and clear out the enemies that start appearing next, then collect another ID Medal and try opening the double doors to receive the next objective.
    11. Turn around to read the inscription on the enormous gold statue at the center of the lobby, then insert three of your ID Medals to open the first passageway and climb the staircase to the left.
    12. Approach the pole you swung across earlier and turn in front of it to move through the next door, then enter the next room in the left corner ahead and clear the area of all remaining enemies within.
    13. Pick up the medals left by the enemies in this room and play the nearby piano to collect another one, then return to previous hallway and open the door across from you on the right.
    14. Clear the area of all remaining J’avos and approach the fireplace to collect the next ID Medal, then exit the room and make a right around the corner to move through the glass doors at the end of the corridor.
    15. Collect a medal from the purple fountain in the corner and move through the next glass door ahead to enter the bathing area, then eliminate the enemies that start pouring into the room to collect another dropped medal.
    16. Move into the back left corner of this area and drop into the large purple pool beside you, then crawl through the last opening by the wall to collect another medal and continue clearing the room of enemies.
    17. Return to the back left corner of the room to climb the staircase and push the obstacle forward at the top to reveal an ID Medal on the floor, then finish clearing the area below to find any remaining dropped medals you could have missed.
    18. Open the glass door at the top of the stairs to return to the lounge area and make your way back into the lobby to approach the enormous gold statue again, then insert 7 ID Medals into it to reveal the next passage.
    19. Eliminate the approaching enemies and move through the passageway you just revealed to open the next security door on the left, then enter the room ahead to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…