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    1. Move left to the ladder beside you and climb it to reach the top of the shipping container.
    2. Equip your sniper rifle and move forward across the shipping container to approach the large crate on the right, then push it off the edge to release the gas tanks that were inside and continue ahead to jump over the next gap.
    3. Collect supplies from the boxes in the corner and turn around to start attacking the boss with automatic gunfire or throwing explosive projectiles, then send him towards the barrels you scattered across the ground earlier and detonate them to cause significant damage.
    4. Continue firing upon the boss below until he climbs up onto the crate beside you, then drop back to the ground and sprint to the opposite side of the area without looking back.
    5. Turn around when you reach the far wall and roll sideways to avoid the boss’ charging attack, then continue dodging the creature and fire upon it from a distance with the sniper rifle or Elephant Killer whenever he comes to a stop.
    6. Shoot the boss repeatedly until you are able to chase him off, then approach the indicated section of wall and follow the on-screen prompts to boost Sherry over the top.
    7. Approach the forklift to bring down the platform and climb on top of it to reach the cage above, then push the containers full of fuel tanks off the edge to scatter them across the ground below.
    8. Lead the boss into the piles of fuel tanks to detonate them and cause him significant damage, then stay on the run as you move about this area to avoid being attacked directly.
    9. Jump across the gaps to move between tops of the shipping containers and continue knocking fuel tanks across the ground below, then maintain the high ground to avoid taking damage and to detonate the explosives from safety.
    10. Continue attacking the boss until a cut scene activates in which the creature replaces his arm with a giant mechanical claw, then approach the left side of the bus to climb on the roof using the ladder and open fire on the enormous enemy ahead.
    11. Drop back to the ground below and use the fork lift to lower the palette, then use the platform to climb onto the red container above and break open more boxes with fuel tanks inside.
    12. Open fire on the boss from a distance with your sniper rifle to guide him into the field of fuel tanks and detonate them to cause significant damage, then continue using this method of attack until the next cut scene is activated to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…