Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Harbor

    1. Make your way towards the objective marker behind you and drop through the opening in the ground by the two blinking red lights, then enter the first room on the left to search it for supplies.
    2. Enter the next room ahead on the left collect additional supplies and open the double doors to activate a cut scene, then follow the on-screen prompts to steer the boat away from danger and reach the sunken building ahead.
    3. Jump onto the roof of the partial submerged building in front of you and continue moving forward to activate the next cut scene, then open fire on the enemies ahead with your grenade launcher and plant a remote bomb nearby.
    4. Retreat from the wave of creatures ahead and continue firing the grenade launcher as you do so, then detonate the remote bomb when the enemy wielding the chainsaw steps on top of it.
    5. Continue attacking the chainsaw creature with your grenade launcher and remote bombs until the next cut scene is activated, then finish crossing the rooftop to board the boat below on the right and eliminate the remaining J’avos above.
    6. Approach the motor at the rear of the boat and press the indicated buttons to get the engine started, then take the wheel to sail forward until you are stopped by the falling obstacle and follow the on-screen prompts to make a sharp turn.
    7. Continue following the onscreen prompts to steer around the next fallen obstacle and execute a running slide to safely pass beneath the crane that swings across the boat’s path.
    8. Equip your grenade launcher or Elephant Killer and use sideways rolling maneuvers to dodge the B.O.W’s chainsaw attacks, then open fire repeatedly on the creature until the next cut scene activates.
    9. Float over towards the dock ahead to activate another cut scene, then open fire on the creature to keep it away from Sherry until she is mysteriously rescued.
    10. Following the next cut scene, climb the ladder in front of you to make a right at the top and move through the double doors around the corner to complete this chapter.
    11. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Still on the Run (15 points): Complete Chapter 4 in Jake’s campaign.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…