Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    Gun Shop

    1. Move through the door directly in front of you to enter the gun store and watch the survivor run up the stairs on the right, then search the countertop area for supplies and continue looking around the room until a cut scene activates.
    2. Afterwards, take cover behind the counter and aim towards one of the open un-guarded windows to eliminate approaching enemies with well-placed head shots.
    3. Continue taking out the enemies coming through the window until they are able to get within striking distance of your body, then equip the shotgun to keep them at bay and help the other survivors whenever possible.
    4. To save ammo during this battle, sprint back and forth between zombies climbing into the gun store to defeat them with melee strikes or knife attacks.
    5. Continue moving back and forth between the two areas at the front of the gun store until you watch a series of cut scenes that lead to the death of a surveyor named Peter, then eliminate the new breed of zombie that enter the shop by opening fire into its chest with your shotgun.
    6. Clear the store to climb the steps and move through the door that opens at the top, then search the second floor to find ammo and listen to the gun shop owner speak until the next zombie ambush occurs.
    7. Equip your shotgun and approach one of the unguarded windows to keep the zombies from entering the room for as long as possible, then use melee strikes to help you put down the ones that do manage to crawl in.
    8. Survive the invading wave of zombies on the fire escapes outside until the shutters come down and follow the gun shop owner into the next room he opens, then collect the herbs and ammo on the table directly across from you.
    9. After the obese zombie monster manages to break through the door, equip the shotgun to open fire into the creature’s head and roll sideways whenever he swipes his arms in your direction.
    10. Continue rolling around behind the obese zombie to continue firing your shotgun into his head and press the indicated button if the monster is able to grab a hold of you to escape from danger.
    11. Exit the room to gain a safe distance from the obese creature and to allow yourself more room for evasive rolling maneuvers, then continue blasting the enemy in the face with shotgun rounds until he falls over dead.
    12. Follow the group into the room with the red-lit staircase and collect supplies from the shelf on your left, then climb the steps to break open the window at the top and jump through it to reach the rooftop area outside.
    13. Approach the indicated barred door to activate the next cut scene , then use a grenade to clear out the first wave of zombies that advance over the railing beside you and equip the shotgun to better protect the other survivors.
    14. Attack the obese monster that arrives next continuously to keep his attention focused on you and use grenades or shoot the explosive container beside the barred door to drain this creature’s health more quickly.
    15. Continue fending off the surrounding zombies until the bus pulls up in front of the shop, then follow your group through the barred doorway that has opened and drop over the edge ahead to land on the fire escape below.
    16. Move left to drop off the fire escape and land in the alleyway below to activate the next cut scene, then equip your shotgun and open fire into the face of the obese zombie attacking the bus just boarded.
    17. Continue firing into the monster’s head and survive the overall attack on the bus until the next cut scene is activated to complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…