Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Cemetery

    1. Open fire on the zombies looming over you by scoring head shots and continue fending them off in this way until the next cut scene is activated, then turn around to enter the cemetery and follow the stone path around between the tombstones.
    2. Eliminate the surrounding zombies as you navigate the cemetery in the direction of the next on-screen objective marker by stunning them with pistol shots and finishing the enemy off with a series of melee strikes.
    3. Continue following the stone path through the cemetery to reach the fork at the top of the hill and take a right to cross the wooden bridge, then examine the locked gate on the other side and turn around to return to the fork.
    4. Make a right to enter the cabin and search it for supplies, then open the indicated blue door within to release the dog and follow it outside to activate the next cut scene.
    5. Search the bathroom the dog was hiding in to collect ammo, then chase the animal back down through the cemetery and use the on-screen red diamond marker to locate it.
    6. Find the dog’s hiding spot to open fire on the creature from a distance and press the indicated button to escape any time the animal pounces on you, then use your shotgun to clear out the other surrounding enemies and continue chasing after the key.
    7. Use the red on-screen objective marker to find the indicated dog again and finish off the creature off with a series of well-placed shots to the head, then pick up the cemetery key and return to the previously locked gate.
    8. Unlock the gate on the other side of the wooden bridge to activate the next cut scene and land in the graveyard below, then fight off any surrounding zombies in close proximity and start making your way towards the on-screen objective marker.
    9. Follow the stone path through the maze of mausoleums to locate the next staircase and climb it to rejoin your partner, then clear out the surrounding zombies at the top and climb another set of steps nearby.
    10. Make a left along the road at the top to continue towards the next on-screen objective marker and open the gate at the end, then approach the front doors of the cathedral on your right to activate the next cut scene.
    11. Throw grenades at the oncoming wave of zombies in front of you to clear them out quickly and use your shotgun to continue fending them off until the sniper in the window above appears to assist during the battle.
    12. Continue clearing out the zombies with grenades and shotgun blasts until the front doors are finally unlocked, then enter the cathedral to activate a cut scene and complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…