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    The Cathedral

    1. Search between the pews and within the barrels along the walls to find extra supplies, then follow your teammate onto the altar at the back of the cathedral and turn right to pick up the Madonna statue sitting on the pedestal.
    2. Face the broken ladder beside the pedestal to press the indicated button and launch your teammate up on the second floor landing above, then inspect the large statue she was looking at to ask about the secret passage.
    3. Climb the ladder your teammate drops down for you and make a left at the top to place the Maddona statue on the pedestal in the corner, then turn around to make your way across to the other side of the balcony and break open the wooden barrel to collect additional ammo.
    4. Continue around the balcony to find more supplies in the next corner ahead and turn back towards the on-screen objective marker behind the previous wall, then open the door to the left of it and open the chest inside the room to find the other Madonna statue.
    5. Return to the second floor pedestal you visited earlier, then press the indicated button to send your teammate around to the opposite side of the cathedral and use both statues to open the next door below.
    6. Drop down the broken ladder behind you to land on the altar and move through the doorway that was just opened in the nearby corner, then pull down on the indicated lever to activate the statue trap and use evasive rolling maneuvers to dodge the red targeting laser.
    7. Avoid the statues red laser to roll up right next to the sculpture’s base and press the indicated button to deactivate the trap, then wait for your teammate to do the same and move through the next doorway that opens ahead.
    8. Pull the indicated lever to activate the next trap and turn around to watch for the next sculpture to appear, then execute a running slide to quickly move in close to the statue and deactivate it.
    9. Move to the middle of the room and face the surrounding alcoves to wait for the next series of statues to appear, then sprint towards the closest one and use evasive rolling maneuvers to dodge the red targeting lasers from other sculptures that open fire on you in the process.
    10. Make your way between the various statues that appear to deactivate the ones closest to you while dodging the flaming crossbow arrows with rolling maneuvers, then shut down the last sculpture to open the next doorway and enter the room ahead.
    11. Collect supplies from the barrels in the corner ahead and aim your gun’s targeting laser at the mirror being held by the statue on the left to open the doorway ahead, then enter the next room and climb the staircase to reach the landing at the top.
    12. Turn left at the top of the steps to approach the opposite side of this small room and turn left again to look down through the bars at the mirror sculpture below, then aim your targeting laser to open the nearby doorway and reach the balcony area behind it.
    13. Turn left to look up at the mirror sculpture above and hit it with your targeting laser to open the door ahead, then enter the next room and take out the zombie crawling along the floor.
    14. Look up towards the ceiling to hit the next mirror sculpture above with your targeting laser and move through the next doorway ahead, then turn left to collect the Madonna of Sorrow statue on the pedestal and enter the room that opens on the right.
    15. Climb the stairs to make a right at the top and collect supplies from the wooden barrels in the corner, then turn around to approach your partner and grab the sniper rifle from the corpses sitting beside her.
    16. Exit the building through the open doorway closest to you and turn right to zoom in on the church bell above with your sniper rifle, then fire a single shot into it to light the fire in the tower and turn right again to locate the next target.
    17. Shoot the bell in the tower across the roof from you to light another fire and move the rifle’s scope left to find the next target, then shoot the bell that hangs from the weather vane of the third tower and return to the previous room inside.
    18. Exit out the opposite doorway to turn left and zoom in on the remaining two towers in the distance with your sniper rifle, then shoot the fourth and fifth bell to raise the bars in the previous room.
    19. Collect the Madonna statue from the room behind you and move back down the first flight of stairs from before, then enter the next open doorway on your right to reach the third floor of the main cathedral area and approach the two pedestals located at the front of the church.
    20. Move around to the opposite side of the balcony to collect additional supplies from the wooden barrels, then place the two Madonna statues on the indicated pedestals to activate the next cut scene and open the altar’s secret passageway.
    21. Afterwards, use the last row of pews behind you as cover and use your sniper rifle to first eliminate the survivors that have been turned into zombies by scoring zoomed-in head shots.
    22. Keep your distance from the larger mutated creature to avoid the blue gas it expels and run to the opposite of the cathedral whenever it comes towards you, then equip the knife to save ammo and continue eliminating the zombies with melee attacks.
    23. Stay on the move at all times to avoid being swarmed by multiple zombies or specifically targeted by the mutated creature, then climb the ladder to reach the balcony above and continue clearing the area.
    24. Eliminate the remaining zombie in the area and wait for the mutated creature to land on the ground level of the cathedral, then climb the ladder up to the balcony and open fire on the enemy below with your sniper rifle.
    25. Continue firing upon the enemy until it joins you on the balcony, then plant a bomb or throw a grenade to temporarily stun the creature and escape back to the ground floor below.
    26. Use your pistols and sniper rifle to repeatedly drain the mutated creature’s health from a distance, then continue stunning the enemy with explosives and move in close with the shotgun to eventually finish him off for good.
    27. Following the next cut scene, pick up the keycard left behind by the mutated creature to open the doors at the bottom of the steps inside the altar’s secret passageway and enter the next room ahead.
    28. Collect supplies from the wooden barrels on the left and open the chest on the right to pick up the artifact, then move through the next set of doors ahead to activate a cut scene and complete this level.

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