Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    Underground Laboratory

    1. Enter the next room ahead and make a left up the steps to collect supplies from the crate above, then turn around the approach the console in the corner and enter the code: 201 to open the door on the left.
    2. Enter the open room to collect supplies from the blue crates, then return to the console and type in 210 to open the gate at the back of the area.
    3. Exit the room through the open gate to reach the next area ahead and search it for supplies, then climb onto the rear platform and approach the console above to enter the code: 201.
    4. Search the room that opens below for supplies and return to the console, then type in the code: 021 to activate the next gate and exit this area as well.
    5. Move forward through the corridor to enter the next room ahead and activate a cut scene, then push the next available door open and make your way down the hall to eliminate the zombie that ambushes you from the dark.
    6. Head into the next laboratory area around the corner and pick up supplies from the corner, then follow your teammate into the cluttered hallway below and help her search the surrounding rooms.
    7. Collect supplies from the rooms you search and eliminate any zombies that arize, then drain the sink in last bathroom on the right and destroy the dragon emblem beneath.
    8. Open the red-lit door at the back of the corridor to enter the next lab area and shoot down the zombie crawling through the air duct above, then elimainate the enemy laying on the table and search the room for supplies.
    9. Move left through the lab to continue eliminating the zombies that come to life on the surrounding tables and exit the room through the next door ahead, then enter the area in front of you marked “Biohazard” to activate a cut scene.
    10. Afterwards, approach the console next to the experimentation tank in front of you on the right and enter the code: 201 to open the door in the hallway around the corner outside the room.
    11. Move through the doorway you just opened to make a left across the next experimentation area and kill the dog held in the cage beneath the floor, then enter the corridor ahead on the right and follow it into the room ahead to pull the lever by the map on your left.
    12. Make your way back through the previous experimentation area to clear out any zombies that have now appeared and turn left in the next room ahead, then continue to eliminate the surrounding enemies and collect supplies from the blue crates.
    13. Approach the map at the back of this area to pull down on the second lever and turn around to eliminate the zombies crawling towards you, then drop down through the openining in the floor grate at your feet and navigate between the rows of experimentation chambers to clear out more enemies.
    14. Climb the ladder on your right at the end of the row of tanks to return to the area above and enter the hallway that leads back to the first lever you pulled earlier, then eliminate the enemies ahead and approach the next map on the far wall.
    15. Pull the third lever to bring down the elevator and approach it to boost your partner onto the roof of the car, then equip a scoped weapon and use it protect her by eliminating the next enemy that comes through a door she opens.
    16. Score head shots or shoot the electrical transformer near your partner to protect her from the advancing enemies and use a shotgun to quickly defeat any zombie that approaches you at close-range, then wait until she pulls a lever to bring down the next elevator and eliminate whatever emerges.
    17. Move to the pair of green-lit levers your partner just unlocked and pull them down in unision to open the next door, then enter the corridor ahead and make a left to reach an open area at the end.
    18. Follow the walkway around on the right and use a shotgun to clear out any zombies that block the path, then join your partner by the garbage chute at the end to activate the next cut scene and complete this level.

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    Martin Petersson

    On November 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Why dont i come to a meny when i start resident evil 6 on My Xbox? The game just starts…