Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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    The Caves

    1. Move forward through the tunnel and duck beneath the next two low-hanging arches ahead, then continue down the flooded mine shaft to reach an open area above and collect supplies from the breakable vases.
    2. Climb through the trench ahead on the right to reach the ledge on the other side and move across it to the left, then turn down the next tunnel and fight off the zombie that ambushes you.
    3. Make your way forward through the tunnel to reach the gate at the end and move through it to activate the next cut scene, then follow your teammate down the wooden ramp and drop to the level below.
    4. Sprint ahead of your partner to take out the enemy waiting on the bridge around the corner by pushing him over the side, then make a right on the ledge across from you and eliminate another zombie.
    5. Cross the second bridge ahead to witness the roof collapsing and turn out to eliminate the zombie attacking your partner, then continue across the bridge to take out the next pair of enemies that descends.
    6. Make a left along the ledge at the other side of the bridge and continue eliminating enemies that appear in your path, then continue descending through the crumbling structure you reach a large crate at the bottom.
    7. Push the large crate forward to clear it from the path and make a right across the next ledge, then take out the zombie that approaches and locate the next movable box to push it across the bridge.
    8. Move right to continue protecting your partner from the approaching zombies and reach the ground floor below to activate the next cut scene, then use the rifle to open fire on the mutated Deborah’s orange weak spots.
    9. Continue scoring successful hits on the boss until a cut scene activates in which you fall through the floor, then follow Ada down the wooden ramp way and collect any supplies from breakable vases within your reach.
    10. Approach the broken edge of the walkway facing the ropes and press the indicated button to swing across the gap, then continue following ada downward to reach the crate below and watch your partner remove it for you.
    11. Press the indicated button to swing across the next gap on the rope ahead and activate the boss battle with mutated Deborah, then use your sniper rifle to score hits on her orange weak spots again as she stands on the level above.
    12. After Deborah falls to the ground in front of you, run over with your shotgun and immediately begin opening fire into her.
    13. While running in a consistent circle around the area, open fire on mutated Deborah’s orange weak spots whenever she ascends to the level above and use your pistols or shotgun when she lands on even ground with you.
    14. Move in close with your shotgun whenever you are able to knock mutated Deborah on her back and continue firing until she gets back up, then continue this attack pattern until the boss is able to retaliate.
    15. Whenever Deborah pounces on your chest, move the analog stick in the indicated direction to counter the attack and momentarily incapacitate her for a close-up shotgun assault.
    16. Use your shotgun to quickly eliminate the zombies that sporadically appear around you, then roll sideways whenever mutated Deborah leaps into the air to avoid her pouncing attack.
    17. Wait for Deborah to move within close range of the wooden barrels located on the lower level and shoot it from a distance to cause a devastating explosion, then continue your assault on the boss until the next cut scene is activated.
    18. Afterwards, collect supplies from the vases in front of you and make your way down the next wooden ramp to clear out another wave of zombies below.
    19. Continue following the wooden ramp down ward to push through the rain of debris and drop to the next level below, then make your way around the ledge to fall through another hole in the floor and turn right at the bottom.
    20. Break open two more vases in the corner ahead and jump across the gap beside them, then eliminate the nearby zombie to approach the crank behind him and turn it to move your teammates along the mine cart tracks in front of you.
    21. Move left to enter the cart with your teammates and activate the next cut scene, then duck down to avoid four low-hanging obstacles located in the path of the track ahead and eventually encounter mutated Deborah again.
    22. After Deborah is run over with the mine cart and starts climb up over the edge towards you, equip your shotgun to unload several rounds into her orange weak spots and duck whenever she pulls back a tentacle to strike.
    23. Continue firing into the boss’ weak spots until she drops off the edge of the cart, then turn around to anticipate her next appearance and start your assault again.
    24. Use a sniper rifle to destroy the barrels on the track ahead and clear out the debris blocking your path, then duck beneath the next three low-hanging obstacle and immediately destroy the explosive barrel on the left.
    25. Duck beneath another obstacle and use your sniper rifle to hit the barrel in the distance ahead, then continue opening fire on Deborah as she climbs onto the mine cart again until the next cut scene activates.
    26. Afterwards, press the indicated button to rescue Ada hanging from edge on your left and use the sniper rifle to continue dealing damage to Deborah on the platform below.
    27. Continue shooting Deborah until you are suddenly given control of Helena, then fire a round into her head to activate the next cut scene and complete this chapter.
    28. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Buried Secrets (15 points): Complete Chapter 2 in Leon’s campaign.

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