Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough

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  1. Right away you might notice something different. In this game, you work for Umbrella, not fighting against them. Hmm.
  2. You have three character slots, and these are the characters you will be working with. Choose carefully and instead of thinking about who looks coolest or has the neatest toys, consider what your typical game play style is before you finalize your team. Then choose your own character and load-out.
  3. Control orientation! Follow the instructions and then follow the team when you leave the elevator. By the central workstation there is a first aid spray and some data. Once you enter the next room you will quickly come under fire. Grab cover, us the L trigger to get a better view of your target, and kill until the bad guys are gone. Headshots are just as useful here as they always are.
  4. You’ll repeat the process twice more, getting further into the lab. Once on the lowest floor, you’ll receive further instructions. A door will open, there will be a bit more combat, then a really brief cutscene and then instructions on how to use your hand-to-hand weapon. Keep an eye out for computer stations, which frequently have data to collect nearby.
  5. Head down another level and after the siren goes off, you’ll proceed through the big door. Head through and soon you’ll hear Birkin talking. Open the door you reach, and you’ll get a cutscene.
  6. Once you hear Birkin yell, get ready for a fight. His military guard will show up, and your mission won’t continue until you clear them all out. You will also hear some very unsettling roaring occasionally.
  7. Once off the elevator, there are some restocking opportunities before you move on, look for a first aid spray and ammo. Then head down the hall to your left for a cutscene. Holy crap that guy’s big. Run past him and into the next room to get away. Then proceed with caution, looking for a firetrap on the right. Keep moving down the corridor, through a door, and you’ll cue another cutscene. Now he’s coming after you.
  8. You can slow him down by shooting at his weak point, but basically you want to get to the end of the corridor as fast as you can, open the door with its colossal delay, and then hold off the monster until it opens. If he hits you, you’ll get trapped in a loop of being stunned and then hit, and then you’re pretty much boned, so don’t get hit. Keep your distance.
  9. Watch out for dogs after this! You’ll need to wiggle the L stick to get rid of one if it gets hold of you. Otherwise, follow your marker, watch out for bad guys, and just keep moving. In the next room there are some items to pick up and a laptop to download data if you have it.
  10. Into the next room, you’ll hear Birkin and he’ll come to join you very quickly, and then you’ll have a quick time action event to avoid his beating. When you succeed in dodging, you’ll get the chance to run away again. Same story here, you need to get to the end and open the door, and then hold him off. The next room is filled with flammable gas that will explode periodically, so be cautious.

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how do you get the black card before the chopper pad

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i like


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Killing zombies is fun. in any form!