Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough

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    1. Hang a right before you exit the first room to find some data and a plant. In the next big room there is antiviral spray on your left. Then you will enter the “cold zone”. Look for more data on the right near the mattresses. After you reach the next room, your team will tell you they hear something. Get ready.
    2. You’ll be attacked by zombies when you enter. The room is small and there are quite a few of them, so unfortunately your team is likely to get in the way. The attack isn’t particularly aggressive though. The next room is another wave of about the same strength. In an alcove up on the left you’ll find some more data. There’s more just to the right of the door.
    3. After the cutscene you’ll get a chance to stock up before going upstairs. Once there, you’ll enter a room built around a tree. It’s not too tough, but there are a lot of walking dead in there. Keep an eye out for extra ammo before you move on.
    4. The next room has a small security squad. Once you take them out, reinforcements show up with enthusiasm. There are a few plants lying around, you may need them.
    5. Next room, next verse, same as the first, another small squad of security personnel. Take them out, look for data on the way to the exit, and move on. Then you’ll be in the security room. There are two guards, a laptop, some data, and the console that you need to interact with.
    6. The next door is locked, but will burst open when you get close and the room is filled with the biggest zombie swarm yet. Let them come to you, if you go inside, you’ll get swarmed. If you have antiviral spray, it will cure you from infection, but you won’t have much time to use it.
    7. The next room features security personnel and zombies, and the game will encourage you to non-lethally take out the guards so the zombies will attack them. Clear the room, head toward the exit, and expect a surprise on the right as you get there.
    8. The next room has a few security guys in it, and the room after that has both zombies and guards. There’s quite a pile of them, so it’s easy to let your teammates thin them out a bit with grenades, etc, before you start using up your ammo.
    9. In the next room, destroy the servers, and then expect an onslaught of the undead. Once you clear the room, you’ll loop back around to where you’ve been already, and head up a level. There are a few isolated zombies up here, and a whole mess of security. Clear them out, head through the door.
    10. The room with the evidence is all mazed up, which makes it a bit of a pain. Look for the laser tripwires and blast the mines they are attached to. There are five bundles of rolled up papers that are the evidence you have to destroy. There’s data lying around, too. Once that is done, head on out.
    11. Head downstairs and stock up on supplies. Head through the next door for a cutscene. This next part is brutal. A substantial number of familiar, long-tongued monsters will attack. If they get you for long, you’ll be infected, so look for the blue of antiviral spray before you get too caught up. Ammo is plentiful, at least, and they show up on your minimap, so the only challenge is keeping on top of the situation.
    12. Once you get the black card, which glows in the middle of the room, it will catch fire and another wave of monsters will come out. You don’t have to stick around though, head for the exit, cross the building, and get the eff out.

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On March 23, 2012 at 12:19 am

how do you get the black card before the chopper pad

Pino Mataj

On June 9, 2012 at 10:25 am



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i like


On March 27, 2014 at 7:27 pm

Killing zombies is fun. in any form!