Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Lights Out

  1. Follow the path to the first marker for a cutscene. Then you will face the most obedient zombies ever. Keep your distance and don’t get swarmed. Once you thin the herd a bit, another door will open with bomb zombies. Toast them to take out other zombies and to avoid them getting close enough to blow up all over you. When that’s all done, you can leave the room.
  2. Follow the path, which will lead you into a room with a ramp to go downstairs and continue on. Bombies are now par for the course, but if you’re quick on the draw, they’re very handy for clearing out other zombies. The door you need to enter requires a black card, so you’ll have to start searching for it. If you put your back to the black card door, the key is in the room directly across from you, just off to the left.
  3. You’ll see enemy signs on your minimap inside the room you’re entering, so that should tip you off to be prepared. There will be Lickers, regular zombies, and Bombies. Use the bombies to your advantage, but otherwise it’s just a slog of a fight. Avoid entering the room as much as you can. When it’s mostly clear, your attention will be drawn to the end of the room, which is booby trapped.
  4. Look for a Licker and a first aid spray in the next room, then clear the mines from your path as you move on. In the next room, there are a number of zombies, so again, avoid entering the room until you’ve cleared it fairly well.
  5. In the next room you’ll be above where you started with the film projector. At the end of the corridor, head down the stairs for ammo and health before you go up the stairs to the roof.
  6. Once on the roof you’ll be attacked by some very aggro zombies. Look for an antiviral spray immediately to your right as you enter. Head up onto the chopper pad when the coast is clear. Cue badass cutscene. Oh, and you’re screwed.
  7. Leave the room, follow the marker, head down the ramp, and get out the door. Giant creature from the black lagoon-looking critters will pop up. Feel free to avoid them and just get the hell out.
  8. Now you’re outside, and when you follow the path, you’ll quickly reach a pack of soldiers and lots of zombies. Try to turn them against each other, and focus on headshots. Then follow the path to a proceed point and a cutscene.
  9. Now you’ll need to gather two EMPs to find out that your opponent has the third. When you grab the first, the area will fill with aggro zombies. You can fight them, or you can make for the gate and move on without too much of a fight, just lots of running.
  10. Once you meet up with your nemesis again, there’s a long battle. It’s kind of a pain, mostly because it comes in stages. There’s lots of ammo and some healing around, so that’s helpful. The target is in a mounted position, with a sniper rifle and grenades. Suppressing fire is called for. Keep him pinned down, and if you can’t see him, shoot for where your team is shooting. Get ready to run left or right to avoid his grenades. After you harass him long enough, a clock bell will ring and zombies will emerge. You’ll have to do this twice. After the second time, you move on.
  11. Enter the building and look to your right. Take out the zombies in the chapel, watch out for the tripwires, and pick up the EMP device. A door to your right will open and zombies will enter, including a bombie. Fight out the door.
  12. Follow an alley to a skirmish with soldiers. There are quite a few of them, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Your team may ditch you and get into the action. Let them and pick up the pieces after the fact. Head into the building, and now you’re finally on the way to finishing the job you were given in the beginning!
  13. Now you’re into the power facility, you’ll raise up the generator and take it out, but first you’ll have to deal with lots of soldiers. Eventually zombies will be added to the mix, and good ol’ Nicholai will be above you taking pot shots. Don’t get wrapped up in the action, follow the markers from console to generator for a total of three times, and then no matter what, the level is over.

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how do you get the black card before the chopper pad

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Killing zombies is fun. in any form!