Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough

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Gone Rogue

  1. Awesome. You need to track down and repair a Nemesis. Wheee!
  2. There are zombies aplenty from the get go. After the first wave, look for an ammo case. Shoot the locks off for a bolt action rifle. Look for some barrels to take out a pack of zombies all at once. Don’t miss the antiviral spray right out the first door. It’ll be very handy for the snipers up ahead. Look for the lasers and take them out. Your team should be able to handle the zombies.
  3. Once you move into the next area, expect a serious attack from soldiers. Pop the barrels for maximum damage and then mop up. Look for ammo and loot on the way to the next marker.
  4. In the graveyard, take out as many zombies as you can see first. Then head down and expect to run into some security forces as well as walking dead. There’s ammo if you hug the wall to your right. Head down into the depth of the graveyard, expecting undead and militia. There is health and ammo when you reach the bottom, then a few more guards will burst out. Then head for the marker.
  5. There’s nothing to prevent you from running to the next marker, getting indoors, and unleashing the next cutscene. In the next room, move to the marker to throw a switch, and then you’ll have to run for three more breakers while zombies break into the room. They won’t stop coming, so ignore them as much as you can. Once the door is open, run outside, up the stairs to the left, and face some soldiers on the way to the next door.
  6. Follow the marker inside to a console, hit the button, and then look for the open elevator.
  7. Aaand your mission is icky. Of course. Exit the elevator, kill a few zombies, and enter the next room with the marker. See a preview of what you’ll be up against next and follow the next marker. Take out the zombies between you and the next goal, and then come back to pick up the big syringe. Now approach the giant monster and hope for the best.
  8. Now it’s time to go Nemesis hunting. Aren’t you lucky? Now you’ll have to face the parasite zombies, but they’re not special, just keep aiming for the head. Then go to the next marker.
  9. Now things get exciting and the parasite zombies are all over. You have to run and collect three data cards from corpses, while zombies are everywhere AND the big guy you pulled the parasite out of is wandering around. There’s no strategy here, just lots of running and gunning. Keep your back to the wall where you can. Get back to the first door, avoid the giant guy, and proceed.
  10. First thing’s first, there are a lot of zombies, parasite and otherwise. Prepare thyself. Otherwise, you have to race to two consoles and throw switches. It’s easy to get swarmed and it’s easy to get infected. Be careful. After you hit the two switches, you just have to follow markers back your path to an elevator. The Tyrant is between you and it, as are lots of parasite zombies, however.
  11. Should be the end, right? It’s not. Exit the elevator, follow the marker and…damn. He looks familiar. This is really simple. If he can see you, he’ll shoot you. If he shoots you for very long, you’re toast. This is a battle of atrophy. When you’re about halfway there, the security guards will come in and you can leave the room to gather more supplies. There’s nothing for it, sadly, except to bang away at him until he is weak enough for you to inject. The easiest way to do this is to stay on the platform where you start, where there’s easy ammo, and run for health when you need it. Kill zombies that get to close, but ignore your team for revival unless absolutely necessary. It just takes a lot of time and a lot of bullets, and then you run up to Nemesis and hit the button. The final moment is a nice nod to previous RE games.

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how do you get the black card before the chopper pad

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i like


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Killing zombies is fun. in any form!