Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough

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  1. You’ll start in an elevated position, so take out as many zombies as you can. Some of the ones that are lying around will get up when you get closer, so take shots at them too while you’re at it. Descend the scaffolding and look for an alcove to your right. Zombies will come out of it, but there’s a first aid spray back there as well. Head toward the next marker, but be ready to run back to the scaffolding when another wave of zombies, including some ragers, shows up.
  2. Now head toward the police lights. There’s an ammo refill on the right as you get to the marker. There’s another first aid spray in the kennel across the way. Next you’ll comment on the lack of dogs, which means you should expect one. Then ascend the stairs to your right.
  3. Head into the police station, and follow the directions. Click on the raccoon in the office for some extra XP. Once you destroy the evidence, expect things to get rowdy. Lickers and zombies show up en masse. Follow the marker to the balcony, where you will, for some reason, magically descend to the ground floor. There’s an ammo refill on the left on the way out the door. When you get there, be ready to throw a grenade to take care of the knot of zombies waiting. Head into the courtyard and make for the gate.
  4. Cue badass cutscene. Head toward the next marker to interact with an old friend. You need to enter the garage door, so hit open, then run away to draw a whole mess of zombies with you, and circle back around. You’re safe from them once you’re inside. Not safe in general, however, as instead of a boss battle you get a battle royale with what will feel like 100 lickers before you’re done. There’s free ammo refills, and some antiviral spray to keep you going, but it’s still a slog.
  5. Now you’ll exit and have more of horde, with the addition of militia. Look to your left, go down the alley, and up on the roof. The weapon case holds a semi-auto rifle, and the sniper-esque function will help you take out the militia without sustaining a lot of damage. A few more guys will get involved after you clear the area and head toward the next marker. They will be a comment about a chopper, and then one more checkpoint before the next plot development.
  6. Oh, goodie, monsters. You can’t run from these guys, but if you don’t have one already, trade your semi-auto rifle for something that shoots fast. It’s your best method. A few loose zombies will wander through, but once the BOWs are dead, follow the marker. Another zombie and BOW will attack in the alley. You’ll reach a proceed point at the end of the alley and then you’ll have to face a lot of militia, and, eventually, a lot of BOWs. There’s health around, and the weapon case right in front of you when you start holds a very handy grenade launcher, but watch you don’t bounce your shots back at yourself.
  7. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be a fight you can win, so always be moving around the perimeter of the block, to reach the checkpoint at the distant corner. Once you’re in that room, regardless, you’re moving on.
  8. You’ll encounter some zombies in the next series of passages, and then you’ll be out in the open again facing more militia. Nothing too challenging, but watch for a sniper on an elevated position. You’ll move from cover to cover, pushing back the militia. There’s a flamethrower in a weapons case that I found pretty useless, but look for a big ol’ M60 lying around, it’s a hell of an equalizer. Especially when you get into the next wave of those damn BOWs. With a big gun, keep moving around the BOW, keeping a bead on it, and always stay on one until it’s down, don’t split your focus. After they’re down, there’s a small pod of aggro zombies, and some militia to take out, and here’s where you’ll want to hug cover a lot, as odds are you’re down some in the health department.
  9. There are some green herbs up the next stairs, and a group of aggro zombies will come from the left when you approach them. Head into the next area, look for a green herb and go to the door.
  10. You’re gonna want a big gun for this. You’ll be fighting one Tyrant, and then another will join in. When they run at you, dodge; when they jump at you, run toward/under them. I’m not gonna lie, this takes forever. You can only shoot them in the head, and they like to protect it. There is a sweet spot like with the BOWs where you can be close enough they won’t rush you, but still out of reach. Unfortunately, that requires a lot of backing up, and eventually you’ll back into a car or a teammate and falter. And get hurt. Taking a few shots and running before they can get too much of a bead on you is best. It is a grind, though.
    1. Table of Contents


      1. Back again, only now everything’s gone to hell. If you haven’t upgraded your weapons, exit the game and do so before you move on.
      2. There are a few items lying around, generally in the train cars, and watch out for traps when you go hunting. Otherwise, you’ll go up the stairs and then down the stairs on the other side, taking out zombies along the way.
      3. Once you’ve cleared out the zombies, you’ll get instructions. Follow the marker to activate the elevator, which will come up right behind the console. After a while. A while in which you will, of course, be attacked by more zombies, including lots of ragers. Once it arrives, hit the button on the console on the elevator, and prep a grenade to lob down into the shaft as soon as you see some zombies. It’ll save a lot of time and ammo.
      4. The elevator will stop for some killing and for you to hit the button on a console before it will go down. Repeat this several times. The first pack has some ragers, the second includes parasites (and there’s a raccoon in the back room), the third is your destination.
      5. Lots of ammo and health here, so load up, and be prepared to fight your way down this next hall. Ada’s shots add up to a lot of damage, but you’ve got lots of mines to take out between you and her, so prepare for some hassle. What worked for me was to take out the barrels and as many mines as possible, and then get close enough to pour some good, accurate headshots into her, and then she runs.
      6. In the next section, a bunch of militia will try to flank you. Once they’re taken out, check out the big central console for some health and data. Then head for the next marker. Clear out the next big section of zombies, and head for another very familiar looking elevator. Will you be attacked by Lickers on the way down in this one? Yes, yes you will.
      7. The next landing is going to have zombies, some of whom will turn into ragers, and lots of parasites. When you’re done, keep following the markers.
      8. The next room is one of those wonderfully huge set pieces that RE specializes in. There are a couple of BOWs in here, but by now that should be pretty easy. Follow the marker up and over.
      9. The next door sets off a self destruct, so you know things are going to be exciting now. Follow the markers to reach the control room and hit the console. You’ll see a cutscene and then you’ll be running through the first level in reverse. A few BOWs will show up, but mostly you can keep running until you reach the end of the giant room. The door there will take a few moments to rise, so be prepared to dig in a little bit.
      10. More silos, more BOWs, more ascending. You don’t have to stand and fight here, feel free to keep making for the next ladder. When you reach the top, after the second ladder, there will be a mass of ragers between you and the door. Feel free to ditch your teammates, or bring some heavy weaponry. Just before getting on the elevator, there is a weapon case holding a Hammer. You may need it. Hit the next elevator, see a cutscene, hit the button.
      11. Calling him a T-103 isn’t nearly as distressing as ZOMG GIANT MUTANT! Keep shooting the glowy point and he’ll take a step back off into space. There’s a box of ammo on the platform, which helps. Wave of Lickers next? Of course. Giant flame jets after that? Why the hell not. One more round with the giant mutant? You betcha.

      Table of Contents

      End of the Line

      1. The zombie propped up against the truck will come to life. Once you round the corner, you’ll get a brief cutscene and then change directions. You WILL be swarmed by ragers on this level unless you are very, very careful. If you run out of ammo before you climb up on top of the cargo containers, head back to the beginning for the Precision Rifle. It’ll help with the militia, too. Walk around the containers before you ascend so you can thin the enemy out. When you get to a corner with a marker on top of the containers, get your grenades ready. Throw at least two down into the courtyard below, then prepare to take out two militia from a distance. When the coast is clear, another container will drop and it’s safe to descend and gear up.
      2. The next section is more of the same, but with less ragers and snipers. Follow the containers, take out the zombies in the courtyard, descend, ascend, and then you’ll come into a section with train cars, and a couple of militia men. No problem. When you first came down the stairs to reach this area, there’s a container with several good gun options in it. Then, enter the marked train car and drop down the other side to continue.
      3. Claire will take a potshot at you with a grenade launcher, and then you face zombies and militia together. There’s an elevated position above you that it may be helpful to take and use to clear the area out. There are also mines freaking all over the place. Then grab the next marker and move on.
      4. Next is a long stretch with loads of mines, a few zombies, and a militia guy at the end. Then you’ll see Leon, but he doesn’t remain an issue for long. Instead you have a mass of militia and then a mass of zombies. Lob a grenade or two to scatter the mob and then charge through to the ladder on the other side instead of trying to kill everyone.
      5. Now it gets real. You get a choice. If you opt to kill Kennedy, you’ll be betrayed, there are guys throwing grenades at you, and all you want to do is go home. Look out for ragers, keep your ammo full, and look for weapons cases, there’s a heavy machine gun, a Mob gun, and a grenade launcher floating about. Be sure to take an antiviral and a health spray with you. There will be a few zombies first, including a rager, then your teammates, then another wave of zombies. When you reach Kennedy, he’ll shoot back and start to throw grenades, and when you get close, another zombie wave comes on, so feel free to retreat and pick them off. Leon is ridiculously accurate with his pistol, and of course it does vastly outsized damage.
      6. Here’s what you do. Along the right side of the room, as you approach Leon, look for the second alcove. There’s a plant, an antiviral, and a weapons case with a precision rifle in it. Get that gun, and go up the little ramp in this room. Head back the way you came for an elevated position where there’s a grenade launcher and cover for you to pick away at Leon from safety. It’ll take a while.
      7. Alternatively, if you choose to save Leon, you still have to fight the rest of your team, but not Leon, so it’s much easier. There are just a few zombies hanging around, too. If you die in the attempt first, though, you’ll get another achievement than if you just rescue him.

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