Resident Evil: Revelations – Collectible Handprints Locations Guide

Find all 30 handprints with our Resident Evil: Revelations collectibles locations guide. These clues to the past are hidden all over the infected cruise ship, and they’re only visible while scanning. Finding 15 of these collectibles will earn the player a new rifle, and finding all 30 unlocks the G18 Pistol. Get a helping hand from us, check out the text locations guide below.

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Handprint Unlocks

  • 1 Handprint: First Victim Achievement, 1 Green Herb
  • 15 Handprints: Traces of Tragedy Achievement, PSG-1 Rifle.
  • 30 Handprints: Last Victim Achievement, G18 Pistol

Collectible Handprints Locations Guide

Handprint #1

  • Chapter: 1
  • Location: After completing the tutorial and leaving the tunnel, look straight forward and right to find a green FBC container.

Handprint #2

  • Chapter: 1
  • Location: Return through the ship’s halls to the room where Jill first spotted an enemy scurrying into a vent near the beginning of the ship. Exit through the following door and scan the lower left wall marked with blood.

Handprint #3

  • Chapter: 1
  • Location: After exploring the kitchen, you’ll enter a room with two vending machines. Scan the left machine.

Handprint #4

  • Chapter: 1
  • Location: After witnessing a woman’s death at the lab entrance, rush inside and clear the area of enemies. Scan the left wall above the desk to find another handprint.

Handprint #5

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: The handprint is located inside the crashed plane’s cockpit.

Handprint #6

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: After passing a wooden bridge and dealing with BOW wolves in a larger arena, you’ll return to the caves. Look left to find an alcove with stactites and a handprint.

Handprint #7

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: After meeting up with another teammate in the banquet area, look on the large turkey while facing the double stairs to spot a hidden handprint.

Handprint #8

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: Backtrack to the room Jill where first wakes up and check out the bathroom. The handprint is located inside the shower.

Handprint #9

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: Once Jill reaches the bridge with an objective to interact with a control panel, look right of the objective to find the handprint. Be sure to inspect the handprint before using the controls.

Handprint #10

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: After acquiring and using the Helm key to open a door further into the area, look for a handprint on the glass pane behind the large staircase.

Handprint #11

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: This handprint is found in the upper room where a boss is banging against the door. After dealing with the creature, check out the crates in an alcove to find a handprint.

Handprint #12

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: Dropping down into the room below the boss arena, you’ll enter a kitchen with stainless steel cabinets. Scan the upper cabinets to find a handprint.

Handprint #13

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: Opposite of the Comms Room boss arena, scan the wooden walls to find another handprint.

Handprint #14

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: Inside the Solarium, enter an upper room on the right past a puzzle. Once inside, look on the left wall for another electrical panel with the handprint.

Handprint #15

  • Chapter: 4
  • Location: Once you’re able to return to the top floor of the Solarium, jump into the water and swim across the pool to reach a climbable diving board. The handprint is at the edge of the board, overlooking the gross mess below.

Handprint #16

  • Chapter: 4
  • Location: Inside the Casino area, look at the escalators then explore the left side of the room behind them where you’ll find a row of slot machines. The handprint is on one of the slot machines, left of the escalators.

Handprint #17

  • Chapter: 4
  • Location: Returning to the Crew Quarters, enter the room where fake Chris was held and scan the hanging terrorist flag.

Handprint #18

  • Chapter: 5
  • Location: After checking out some security footage, you’ll be in control. A door will open after using the computer console. Check out the projector in the unlocked room to find this handprint.

Handprint #19

  • Chapter: 5
  • Location: Returning to Jill, you’ll ride an elevator up and reach a room with a cabinate to the left with several books ontop. Scan the wall to find the handprint.

Handprint #20

  • Chapter: 6
  • Location: While on a mission to fix an electrical box, scan the panel before removing it to find a handprint hidden in plain sight.

Handprint #21

  • Chapter: 7
  • Location: Taking the elevator down, look for a table stained with blood to the left to find a handprint.

Handprint #22

  • Chapter: 7
  • Location: After finding the UAV container at the ship’s bow, check out the catwalk at the very front. Step near the edge to find the handprint at the tip.

Handprint #23

  • Chapter: 8
  • Location: Resurfacing after a swim, Jill and Parker will climb a ladder to find a room with three glass panes behind a control panel. Scan the center pane.

Handprint #24

  • Chapter: 8
  • Location: After using the hand scanner and entering the clean lab, continue through the large door ahead to find a bank of sealed lockers with suits inside. Scan the glass right of center, with no suit inside.

Handprint #25

  • Chapter: 8
  • Location: After dealing with a new enemy type equipped with a shield, you’ll enter a new level of the lab with a large fish tank. Scan the side of the tank with blood streaking down.

Handprint #26

  • Chapter: 8
  • Location: In the same aquarium room, use the lift to reach a tunnel. Scan the first archway, left side.

Handprint #27

  • Chapter: 9
  • Location: Returning to Jill in the lab, pass through two doors to enter a room with a computer in the back corner. Scan the wall behind and above the desk to find this handprint.

Handprint #28

  • Chapter: 11
  • Location: Right at the start of the chapter, look right to find a cylinder object jutting from the wreckage. Scan it for a quick handprint.

Handprint #29

  • Chapter: 12
  • Location: Back with Jill on the cruise ship, scan the wall with bloody marks all over it beyond a table surrounded by dead bodies.

Handprint #30

  • Chapter: 12
  • Location: In the throne room with Norman, scan the wrecked steps just below his thrown to find the last handprint.

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