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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part Five

  1. Exit the left and enter the room to your left, then climb down the ladder to drop into the sewer and make your way through the corridor to reach the next door.
  2. Continue forward through the water-filled corridor and climb the steps to enter the control room, then examine the lever and approach the exit to activate a cut scene.
  3. Exit the room and smash the crates on your right, then turn around and make your way forward through the corridor to descend back into the water.
  4. Make your way through the flooded corridor and fight off the enemy you encounter, then enter the next room filling with water and leave through the entrance in the corner ahead.
  5. Navigate through the flooded room and exit using the door in the corner, then turn right to eliminate the enemy and pick up the ammo by the industrial fan.
  6. Turn around and open the gate to your right, then climb the steps and open another door at the top to reach the Engine Room.
  7. Examine the jammed console and pull the lever to your right, then continue down the catwalk to pick up the health and examine the note pinned to the wall.
  8. Exit the room to return to the flooded corridor and open the gate at the bottom of the steps, then make a right and pass through the next gate you come to ahead.
  9. Enter the room in front of you and make a right, then grab the Custom Parts and pick up the map on the other side of the area.
  10. Exit through the door beside you and climb the ladder, then move across the bridge the Large Mechanical Wheel at the top and make a right down the steps to reach the flooded section of the area below.
  11. Fight off the enemies that emerge and make your to the opposite side of the room, then make a left up the steps and open the door at the top to return to the engine room.
  12. Turn right and pull the next lever ahead to turn off the steam, then approach the console across from you and examine it to learn about the other key you need.
  13. Make your way to the opposite side of the room and pull the first lever you utilized in this area to learn about the steam situation, then exit through the door behind Parker and head down the steps to return to the flooded ground below.
  14. Open the gate in front of you and head right, then exit through the door to your left and use the back entrance to reach the next area ahead.
  15. Move towards the back left corner of the room and enter the nook to pick up the Cog you find within, then turn the red valve wheel to set the gauge to “Off” and return to the Large Mechanical Wheel by fighting off the enemies along the way.
  16. Insert the Cog into the large mechanical wheel and and press the button beside it to acquire the Restart Key, then return to the engine room and activate the console across from Parker to complete the level.

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