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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part Six

  1. Dive beneath the water and descend to the floor of the Engine Room, then search the perimeter of the area to acquire the Pipe and swim back up towards the yellow-glowing grate above.
  2. Use the pipe to begin opening the grate, then swim over to the control console in the corner and pick up another Pipe across from the door.
  3. Use this pipe to continue forcing open the previous grate and exit the flooded Engine Room, then move forward through the sewer tunnel and pick up the Shotgun Ammo Case.
  4. Drop into the next room below and search for supplies, then exit through the next door in the wall and approach the opposite corner of this area.
  5. Exit the room, without taking damage from the fish creature, and make your way forward through the next corridor, then climb the steps at the end and smash open the supply crates in the dry area you find at the top.
  6. Enter the next room to activate a cut scene in which you discover that the ship’s antenna is damaged, then exit through the back door and head down the steps into another flooded corridor.
  7. Make your way past the enemies ahead and climb the ladder, then enter the lift area at the top and use the control lever to activate a cut scene.
  8. Exit the lift area using the ladder against the wall and move forward through the sewer pipe, then drop through the opening in the floor and approach the next industrial fan ahead.
  9. Climb two ladders to reach the hidden gambling room and exit into the main casino area, then head down the steps and climb the escalators on the other side.
  10. Open the two doors locked with ship’s wheel mechanisms and make a left in the next room, then open the golden elevator doors on the right and enter the car to ascend.
  11. After the elevator breaks down, aim your weapon out the front window that’s been broken and open fire on the creature that occasionally hangs down from the roof of the car.
  12. Turn left after repelling the creature for the first time and continue firing upon it when it hangs down again, then fight off the enemy until the elevator starts moving again and exit the car when you reach the floor above.
  13. Collect the nearby supplies and make a right behind the various kiosks beside you, then fire upon the enemy that emerges with one of your more powerful weapons by aiming for the fleshy vulnerable spot beneath its missing arm, constantly staying on the move when the creature charges and shooting the red container in close vicinity to its body.
  14. After the enemy is defeated, search the room for supplies and climb the ladder against the wall to pick up the Veltro Key Card.
  15. Open the next door ahead to reach the outside balcony and make your way around it to move up the staircase, then climb the the ladder and examine the antenna’s console at the top to complete this level.

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