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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part Seven

  1. After your conversation with O’Brien, drop back down the ladder and use the stairs to reach the next level below.
  2. Move around the balcony to re-enter the ship and drop down another ladder, then use the elevator on your right to reach the next floor below.
  3. Climb out of the car and move left around the upper landing, then take your next right and enter the next wooden door ahead on the right.
  4. Open the two doors locked by ship’s wheel mechanisms and search the lockers to your right for supplies, then enter the next room and use your Genesis device to scan the fleshy parts of the mutated blob.
  5. Unscrew the panel beside the green-lit door to open it and move into the next room, then approach the control panel to your right and press the button to purify the water outside.
  6. Exit the room to assess the situation, then make your way back into the locker area and open the doors locked with ship’s wheel mechanisms.
  7. Return to the warmly-lit upper landing and move forward around the balcony, then make a left through the next open doorway and head down the stairs.
  8. Open the door at the bottom of the steps and make a right around the balcony to use the staircase in front of the grandfather clock, then approach the man in front of you and unlock the ship’s wheel mechanism nearby.
  9. Move through the two doors locked with ship’s wheel mechanisms and enter the room to your right, then move forward through the hall and open the green-lit door to the left.
  10. Approach the break in the railing to your right and drop to the ground below, then move through the door in the back left corner to reach a bed of red flowers and take a left.
  11. Move through the double doors at the opposite end of the room with the Lifebuoy Key and fight off the Hunters that drop down, then unscrew the panel beside the elevator to open it and enter the car to choose the “Deck” as your next destination.
  12. Exit the car when it reaches the floor above and move left to collect supplies in the various rooms, then make your way into the opposite corner of the area and use the Veltro Key to grab the Custom Parts from the wall panel.
  13. Turn around and open the door across from you to reach the outside, then eliminate the enemies that appear with your shotgun and make your way to the left.
  14. Cross down the bridge of steps to your right and continue eliminating the enemies, then collect supplies around the helipad and clear this area of creatures before opening the nearby shipping container to activate a cut scene.
  15. Move back across the bridge of steps to leave the helipad and make a right along the walkway, then re-enter the ship through the next door on your left to activate a cut scene.
  16. Afterwards, approach the doorway ahead of you and take out the wave of enemies ahead with your rifle before continuing forward across the deck.
  17. As time is of the essence, run past the remaining enemies on the deck as fast as you can without stopping and shoot the red containers to help clear the path.
  18. Move through the white door at the end of the deck and approach the elevator in the next hall while the enemies with, then ride the car to the floor below and make a left after exiting to activate a cut scene.
  19. Run past Rachel when she appears to cross the bridge in front of you and drop over the edge to your right, then continue climbing down the crates to reach the floor below and make your way over to the nearby set of steps.
  20. Continue fighting off the other surrounding enemies to pick up the Rocket Launcher at the top of the steps, then exit this area through the door on this small raised platform and head down the stairs in front of you.
  21. Run through the hall to push past the enemies and Rachel, then open the door at the end to enter the next room and activate the radio to complete this level.

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