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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’ Story – Part Eight

  1. Wait a few moments for a wave of water to knock down the door in front of you and completely flood the room, then swim out through the exit and navigate the next hallway ahead.
  2. Open the door at the end of the hall and swim forward around the obstacles to cross the room, then pause for a moment to avoid the falling debris and make a left into the next part of the area.
  3. Climb the ladder against the wall in front of you and make a left around the walkway to collect the Custom Parts, then drop over the edge beside you to re-enter the water and dive down towards the next door below.
  4. Enter the next area and swim through the corridor ahead, then make your way through the door at the end of the hall and ascend to the water’s surface.
  5. Climb the ladder to attempt opening the Trident door, then jump back into the water to dive down all the way to the bottom floor and exit the room.
  6. Swim forward through the corridor and move through the door at the end, then navigate through the debris and up the stairs to surface through an opening in the ceiling above the next entrance.
  7. Catch your breath and dive back below the water, then swim to the left of the door and make your way down the next set of steps ahead.
  8. Enter the next room around the corner and swim forward towards the bridge in the middle of the area, then enter the hallway at the right end of the bridge and open the door below.
  9. Surface through the opening in the ceiling above and climb into the sewer tunnel, then move forward and drop into the next pool of water ahead.
  10. Dive down into the room below and open the door at the bottom, then swim over the staircase and enter the next room across from you.
  11. Swim through the obstruction to collect the Custom Parts and open the door to your right, then navigate through the next corridor and enter the broken window above.
  12. Enter the door to your left and surface through the hole in the ceiling to catch your breath, then dive back down and exit the room through the next door below.
  13. Continue swimming the rooms to make your way up the ladder at the end and move forward through the door in front of you, then ascend to the surface above and climb onto the walkway surrounding the area.
  14. Make your way around the walkway and climb up the ladder in the corner, then head forward through the pipe and drop into the next pool of water below.
  15. Swim towards the industrial fan and up the ladder ahead to climb out of the water, then move up another ladder in the next room and exit to complete this level.

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