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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

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Jill’s Story – Part Nine

  1. Drop down the ladder in the corner of the room and re-enter the pool of water beside you, then dive down and swim forward towards the industrial fan.
  2. Swim up the next ladder to surface and climb into the sewer tunnel above, then drop into the room ahead and make a right around the walkway.
  3. Drop over the next break in the rail to return to the water and dive straight down to the upper left corner, then exit the area through the door and navigate the hallways ahead to reach the room flooding from its ceiling.
  4. Climb up onto the walkway and make a left, then drop back into the water via the break in the railing ahead and dive down to exit this room through the next door below.
  5. Swim through the hallway to reach the next room and surface the climb the next ladder nearby, then use the Trident Key that Chris gives you to open the door and enter the laboratory hallways.
  6. Pass by the automatic door on your left to vault through the broken window around the next corner, then examine the fingerprint scanner in the back corner of the room and follow the on-screen instructions to complete registration.
  7. Search this area for supplies before jumping back out the previous window, then use your fingerprint to open the automatic door and enter the left corridor to activate sterilization.
  8. Equip your shotgun and move to the opposite side of the hallway you’re trapped in, then wait for the creature to burst through the wall and unload as many rounds as possible into the enemy before it can attack you.
  9. Use grenades and melee attacks to keep the creature at bay as well until the door open behind you, then use Chris’ help to finish the monster off for good and head down the nearby set of stairs.
  10. Search the lower floor for supplies to pick up the Magnum in the corner by the glowing monitor and enter the elevator car, then press the button to descend to the floor below and open the next large door at the end of the corridor to complete this level.

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