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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part One


  1. Move forward to drop down onto the beach below and approach the corpse at the feet of your teammate, then use the Genesis device to scan the two bodies ahead and inspect the one with metal inside of it to activate a cut scene in which you discover a mysterious vial.
  2. Pick up the ammo on the rocks in front of you and scan the body part on the pike above to your left, then turn around and move forward to scan another hunk of corpse beneath a blue sign in the rubble.
  3. Continue to the left and grab more ammo off the row boat, then scan the sample in the rubble above and turn left to find another hunk of corpse stuck to the front of the boat run ashore.
  4. Approach the mine shaft to your right and scan the sample outside the entrance to bring it to life, then back away from the slug creature while firing upon it repeatedly with your pistol until its dead.
  5. Enter the tunnel ahead and continue forward through it, then scan the sample on the left and exit the shaft.
  6. Scan the corpse ahead to watch it explode from gas and continue around the trail to analyze the last sample in the rubble to the right, then make your way back through the previous mine shaft and eliminate the creature the bursts through the structure on the other side.
  7. Continue forward across the beach ahead and approach O’Brien in the distance to activate a cut scene in which you flash forward back to the scene out on the abandoned ship.


  1. Use the Genesis device to scan the corpse in the room and collect ammo off the surrounding surfaces.
  2. Exit the kitchen and make your way through the hall to descend a set of steps, then interact with the rusty door at the bottom to activate a cut scene in which you locate Chris, then turn around and make the next left down another corridor.
  3. Enter the stairwell through the blue door and move down the steps to collect the green herb, then move back up to the top of the staircase and open a white door to reach the next area.
  4. Climb the steps ahead and make a left, then enter the bunk-bed area beside you and move forward through it into the bathroom ahead.
  5. Eliminate the creature that emerges from the stall and scan it’s corpse afterwards, then search for supplies with the Genesis device and exit the area through the locker room in the back right corner.
  6. Make left down the hall and follow it around to open a gray door at the end, then make your way down the steps to witness a bloody scene at the bottom.
  7. Move left and exit through the next green-lit door on the right, then eliminate the creatures in the lab to scan their bodies with the Genesis device and search the room for supplies.
  8. Scan the pool of blood in front of the woman’s body to locate the key and exit the room, then return to the rusted door where you discovered Chris earlier, killing and scanning monsters along the way.
  9. Use the key to open any rusted door you encounter and collect supplies or eliminate monsters within these rooms before return to the task at hand.
  10. Reach the rusted door and open it with the key you found earlier to complete the first episode.

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