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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Chris’ Story – Part One


  1. Move forward through the snow storm and along the rocky trail ahead until a cut scene activates in which you witness a plane crash, then continue following the path to locate the wreckage.
  2. Drop down beside the plane crash and use your Genesis device to scan the area for supplies, then open the container marked with a biohazard symbol to analyze the virus.
  3. Open the door that leads to the cockpit to scan the body that falls out and the control panel, then pick up the Flight Plan and exit to your left to discover the mine.
  4. Break the crates to collect supplies before entering the mine shaft, then inspect the barred door to call Jessica over and lift the iron gate.
  5. Move forward through the cave tunnel and drop down the ledges ahead, then enter the open cavern and eliminate the infected wolves within it.
  6. Exit the cavern through another shaft ahead and follow it around the reach a wooden bridge, then eliminate the infect wolf nearby and cross the chasms ahead using the bridges.
  7. Collect the B.O.W. supplies and drop over the tall ledge ahead to reach the open cavern below, then eliminate another wave of wolves and pick up the decoys you find in this area.
  8. Exit this area using the next trail ahead and follow it around to drop down another ridge, then exit the cave completely and make a left along the ledge you’re on at the moment.
  9. Attempt to jump across the space in the ledge ahead and activate a cut scene in which you fall into the chasm, then aim your pistol at the wolves that appear and eliminate them before they swarm around your injured body.
  10. Hold off the wolves until Jessica can arrive by scoring head shots, tossing smoke grenades and efficiently utilizing the green herbs you’ve been collecting, then finish off the remaining creatures in the area to return to your feet again and climb up a nearby ladder.
  11. Make your way up the inclined trail and use Jessica’s help again to lift the iron gate, then move to the outside ledge and activate a cut scene to complete the level.

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