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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part Two


  1. Communicate with Parker, then approach the door that’s been blocked off by a dresser and push the obstruction aside, then enter the bathroom and investigate the contents of the tub to pick up a screwdriver.
  2. Exit the bathroom and eliminate the enemy that emerges from the wardrobe by dodging its attack so that it ends up headfirst through the TV, then approach the other door in the room and use your screwdriver on the wall panel beside it.
  3. Use the touch screen to unscrew the front of the panel and unlock the door, then exit the room and dodge the enemy directly to your right.
  4. Move through the door past the enemy to reach a second story landing and make your way around the right corner ahead, then enter the next bathroom and collect the green herb.
  5. Exit the bathroom and enter the hallway in the opposite corner, then make your way through it and open the next doorway on your right.
  6. Head through the next hallway and enter the room ahead, then eliminate the enemy and push the dresser away from the exit.
  7. Make a right in the next area and approach the balcony that overlooks a warmly-lit dining room, then make your way downstairs to the floor below and head left to meet up with Parker.
  8. After your conversation with him, follow Parker down the hall to collect the B.O.W and enter the next room beside you.
  9. Move forward through the room and eliminate the next enemy, then exit ahead and clear this area of creatures as well.
  10. Navigate around the bookcases to reach the other side of the room and exit into the next hallway, then collect the various supplies around the hall before helping Parker kick down the metal door.
  11. Enter the supply room and collect your Stolen Equipment from the crate ahead, then exit the area and make a right through the door down the hall.
  12. Eliminate the enemies to make your way safely through the library rooms and back into the warmly-lit dining room, then clear this eating area of creatures as well and return to the second floor via the staircase.
  13. Exit back into the display case room and clear out the enemies within, then continue into the hallway beyond that and return to the hallway decorated with various paintings.
  14. Enter the second story landing lit with chandeliers and clear out the awaiting enemies with the help of Parker, then make your way back to the red hallway at the beginning of this level and break open the chained door.
  15. Enter the next hallway and make a right, then press the elevator button and enter the car when the doors open.
  16. Choose the “Bridge” to ascend in the elevator and exit when the doors of the car open at the top, then enter the next room at the end of the walkway ahead and find the door with a green light over it.
  17. Move through the next hallway to reach the bridge, then scan the room for supplies, handgun upgrades and handprints.
  18. Afterwards, investigate the smoking section of consoles on the left for sabotage to activate a cut scene and complete this level.

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