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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Parker’s Story – Part One

  1. Approach the man working by the board to the left of the giant screen and listen to what he has to say, then collect supplies from around the room and watch the other conversation take place at the front.
  2. Afterwards, exit through the double doors at the back of the room and use the staircase to reach the floor below, then, while facing the front entrance, aim your automatic weapon at the steps on the right side of you to eliminate the waves of enemies that descend.
  3. Search the area for ammo and other supplies, then move back and forth across the lobby to continue clearing out the enemies while protecting your teammate.
  4. After you’ve cleared the area, return to the second floor via the right-side staircase and exit the room through an open doorway.
  5. Press the elevator button at the top of the next staircase and eliminate the enemy when the doors open, then enter the car to ascend to the floor above and wait for it to come to a stop.
  6. Exit the elevator and make your way down the hallway to the left, then enter the next room at the end and eliminate the enemy that bursts through the windows on your right.
  7. Move through the door on your left and eliminate the enemy in the hall, then vault over the orange sign and collect the supplies at the end of the corridor.
  8. Vault back over the sign and enter the conference room on the right, then take out the enemy within and exit through the next door ahead.
  9. Move left through the corridor and enter the room to the right for additional supplies, then return to the previous hall and make your way towards the opposite end to pick up the shotgun.
  10. Continue along the corridor and enter the wooden door at the end ahead, then exit the locker room , after searching it, and vault over the orange sign to your right.
  11. Take out the enemies in the corridor ahead and enter the stairwell on the right, then climb the steps to reach the sixth floor above and open the double wooden doors beside you.
  12. Move forward through the cubicles and vault over the orange sign, then eliminate the enemy and collect ammo from the locker in the corner.
  13. Turn left and fight your way across the cubicle area, then check the other lockers and exit through the door in the corner.
  14. Move to the right down the hall and approach the metal shutter to get Jessica’s help in lifting it, then move left when you’re on the other side and follow the hallway around to reach a room decorated with numerous glowing monitors.
  15. Collect the grenade from the corner and move into the next room, then vault over the orange signs to your left and pick up the ammo.
  16. Press the elevator button at the back of the room and continue collecting supplies from the area before the creatures show up, then fight off the zombies with your machine gun and grenades.
  17. Your best bet is to stand in the entrance to the elevator room and fight off the enemies as they come with explosives, the machine gun or the shotgun.
  18. Enter the elevator after the doors open and press the button to ride to the next floor, then exit the car to follow the hallway to the helipad on the roof and approach the chopper to complete this level.

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