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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part Three

  1. Follow Parker downstairs and exit through the door at the bottom, then make a right and eliminate the enemy around the corner ahead.
  2. Enter the door on your right to reach a conference room and collect the Helm Key from the window sill, then exit the area and make your way back across the hall.
  3. Use the key to enter the Helm and search the initial area for supplies, then move into the back room and turn the chair around to discover the corpse and scan it with the Genesis device for additional items.
  4. Pick up the Crest on the nearby bookshelf and return to the first area of the Helm, then examine the picture hanging on the wall to the left to acquire the Upper Interior Map.
  5. Exit the Helm and make two rights through the hall to collect more supplies, then return to the bridge above and cross to the opposite side of the area.
  6. Make a left up the steps and exit the bridge through the door at the top, then eliminate the enemy within and leave the room through the back entrance.
  7. Press the button on the wall and enter the elevator, then choose the “Upper Cabins” and exit the car when you reach the floor above.
  8. Move around the corner ahead and open the door to the left, then make your way to the end of the hall and enter the upper landing with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling above.
  9. Make your way to the opposite side of the landing and eliminate the enemy, then enter the door in the leftmost corner to reach the hallway that’s decorated with antique paintings.
  10. Make your first left to enter a blue lit room and insert your crest in the podium to acquire the Shotgun Windham, then eliminate the enemy that appears in the room and exit back into the hallway.
  11. Enter the door across the hall from you and follow the next corridor around to reach the display case area, then eliminate the enemy within and exit the room.
  12. Head down the stairs to reach the dining area and eliminate the enemies that are waiting for you, then search the room for supplies and use the Helm Key to unlock the gated door.
  13. Unlock the next door ahead and wait for the locking mechanism to rotate itself open, then enter the warmly-lit room and move left around its outer walls.
  14. Read the note on the wall beside the gated door and head down the nearby stairs, then exit the area through the two doors locked with ship wheel mechanisms and make your way down the next set of steps ahead.
  15. Smash open the crate to collect ammo and climb back up the steps, then enter the door to the right and collect the rifle laying on the ground ahead.
  16. Finish collecting supplies in this area before exiting into the Promenade room beside you, then fire at the enemy on the bridge across from you to kill it and continue forward.
  17. Make a right through the next area and follow the walkway to eliminate another enemy, then lift the metal shutter to your left and continue forward into the room ahead to collect supplies.
  18. Exit the room and make a right, then make another right and approach the last window ahead to look in on the previous area.
  19. Shoot the lock off the chained door and equip one of your shotguns, then open fire on the creature that emerges until its exits the room as well.
  20. Turn towards the red fuel tank to the right and wait for the creature to round the corner, then shoot the container to hit the enemy with a fiery explosion.
  21. Fight off the other creatures that emerge and jump through the nearby window if you must, then search the room you just unchained for supplies and exit back out through the window.
  22. Use your rifle to take out the enemies below and continue fighting the larger creature by jumping back and forth through the windows while firing upon it with the shotgun.
  23. Wear down the larger enemy with grenades and rifle shots until it falls over dead, then pick up the Lifebuoy Key and drop to the checkered floor below.
  24. Search the area for ammo and supplies, then use the Lifebuoy Key to open the ornate metal door and make your way through the rooms ahead to reach a new staircase.
  25. Climb the steps and make a left at the top, then move into the room to the right and continue following the hallways forward to return to the large doors that are locked with ship’s wheel mechanisms.
  26. Open the two sets of double wooden doors to reach the grandfather clock area and climb the steps in front of you, then use the Lifebuoy Key to unlock the doors at the top and complete this level.

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