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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Jill’s Story – Part Four

  1. Search the area for supplies and exit the room, then take the Iron Anchor Key from O’Brien and converse for a few moments.
  2. Move right and head down stairs, then move behind them and open the door you find with the Iron Anchor Key.
  3. Continue through the next set of doors ahead and move down the stairs, then climb the next staircase and examine he painting of the lady.
  4. Turn to the generator on your right and pull on the lever to restore power, then move back down the stairs and press the button attached to the small pool of water.
  5. Eliminate the mutant fish the jump out of the water and pick up the Coin that drops from one of them, then use the coin on the lit up slot machine to your left and continue playing until you win a Bundle of Coins.
  6. Return to the painting of the lady on the floor above and put your bundle of coins on the scale, then enter the room that op and search it for supplies.
  7. Climb down the ladder in the floor of the room and continue into the ventilation tunnel below, then climb the next ladder ahead and move forward through the pipeline at the top.
  8. Drop into the next room ahead and follow Parker over to the control area to realize that the key is missing, then exit back onto the walkway and make a right to leave through a set of large metal doors.
  9. Follow the hallway around and approach the control panel beside the elevator to your left, then unscrew the front cover to hotwire the doors open and enter the car.
  10. Push the button to reach the next floor and exit the car when you reach your stop, then make a right and follow the corridor around past an enemy crawling on the ground.
  11. Enter the next room on the left in front of the locker and move around the rubble to exit into the kitchen, then leave the kitchen through the door in the back and continue forward to move down a set of steps.
  12. Make a right at the bottom of the steps and enter the stairwell, then climb to the floor above and open the white door at the top.
  13. Move through the next corridor and eliminate the enemies you encounter, then re-enter the bunk area from before and continue taking out the creatures that drop down around you.
  14. Exit through the next bunk area past the bathroom and make a left down the hall, then use the Iron Anchor Key to open the first door to your left and collect supplies off the beds.
  15. Enter the next room ahead and pick up the Machine Gun by changing weapons, then exit back into the hallway and continue left.
  16. Open the door at the end of the hall and make your way down the steps, then take a left and open the next door on the right to reach a bloody lab area.
  17. Read the diary on the floor to activate a cut scene in which you encounter a zombified Rachel, then exit the lab chase after her down the hall she just used.
  18. Equip the machine gun and begin ascending the steps to call her down after you, then open fire while running backwards and chase after Rachel when she retreats.
  19. Continue shooting at Rachel until she escapes into the ducts, then open the door to your right and follow the hall around to take down another enemy.
  20. Move back through the bunk area to return to the bathroom and wait for Rachel to drop from the ceiling, then continue firing upon her with the inclusion of grenades until she retreats back into the vents.
  21. Exit into the hallway through the next bunk area and wait for Rachel to emerge from the vents around the corner to the right, then open fire on her again until she retreats back into the ducts.
  22. Move through the next door ahead and make your way down the stairs, then enter the hall to the left and take on Rachel in another exchange.
  23. After the zombie retreats into the next vent, make your way back through the kitchen to return to the checkered floor cafeteria and finish off Rachel with the help of Parker.
  24. Pick up the Lift Key from Rachel’s corpse and clear out any remaining enemies, then scan her remains with the Genesis device and make your way back to the previous elevator.
  25. Press the button to descend in the car and exit the elevator to move to your right, then enter the lift area and use the Lift Key in the control area to complete this level.

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