Resistance 3 Journal Locations

Every shooter needs a collectable. That’s a law, and Resistance 3 isn’t going to deviate from the proud tradition of big FPS games rewarding trophies for a careful eye. The rebels of Game Front have sent scouts into Resistance to discover every last location for the journals so you obsessive compulsive players can unlock the pretty Archivalist silver trophy. Keep scrolling to get your fill of journal locations.

When you’re done searching for trophies, and you realize just how nasty those aliens trying to stop you are, check out Game Front’s video and text walkthrough. For more secrets, hints, tips and coverage of Resistance 3 check out our cheats.

Journal Locations

Chapter 1:

  1. Journal #1: In a basement, on the edge of a table in the center of the room where a woman is using radio equipment.
  2. Journal #2: Still in the basement, walk by the leaking boiler into a dug out barrack. As you enter the room, look right to find a destroyed wall with a bed behind it. The journal is on the bed.

Chapter 2:

  1. Journal #3: Inside a makeshift hospital just as you enter, on a stand to the right of bed where the patient is hooked up to two green glowing IVs.
  2. Journal #4: Continuing into the hospital, look left until you reach a small presentation area where chairs are lined up to face a projector. The journal is on the desk near the projector.
  3. Journal #5: Topside, inside a house, as you meet a soldier he’ll walk through the door. Instead of following the soldier, head upstairs and turn right to enter a bedroom where you’ll find an audio journal on the bed.

Chapter 5:

  1. Journal #6: While riding on a boat, look near the front for an easy-to-find journal.
  2. Journal #7: Look on a stack of boxes behind the cabin, still riding the boat.

Chapter 6:

  1. Journal #8: In the wrecked train station, follow the painted resistance markers between train cars, up a ramp through, and turn left. Pass by the Chimera pods to your left covering an overturned train car, jump onto the train platform ahead. Look right on the platform for a broken section of fence covering an open train car. Crawl through the section of fence to enter the train car, look left to find an audio journal.
  2. Journal #9: Leave the train car, jump off the station and turn right to follow the yellow pointers to a ladder. Climb the ladder and look left on the roof of a train car covered with some trash. Near the trash, you’ll find a journal.
  3. Journal #10: Indoors, climb a ladder to face a rope reaching another building out a windor. Turn right to look into a small make-shift home. Past the desk, on a mattress you’ll find another journal.
  4. Journal #11: Slide down the rope in the window, and jump down into the collapsed concrete floor. Just as you land, look left for a cabinet propped against the wall with a glowing journal.
  5. Journal #12: Inside a facility, move up steps onto a catwalk. Cross the bridge to the right side of the room as you reach the top, then move down the steps to enter a small office. The audio journal is on a desk.
  6. Journal #13: On the top floor, cross to the right side of the building and run towards the light streaming through the wrecked roof. Instead of using the fallen smokestack, turn around to find a partially broken catwalk. Jump across the gap and look right to find the journal near some extra weapons.
  7. Journal #14: Back at the fallen smokestack, run across and jump into a storage room. Open the door, and follow the left wall, still looking left as you leave the hallway. Look on the shelves against the back wall to find an audio journal.
  8. Journal #15: Still inside, after climbing two ladders into a makeshift shooting range, look right near the back window for an audio journal on a shelf.
  9. Journal #16: Follow your waypoint up several sets of stairs. As you reach the top, turn right into a hallway. Enter the first open door on the left to find a journal on the couch.

Chapter 7:

  1. Journal #17: In the underground, follow the yellow paint pointers towards a waiting soldier. Instead of running to the soldier, turn left across from the large yellow “EXIT” sign. Down the passage, you’ll find the journal on a desk in the alcove.

Chapter 8:

  1. Journal #18: In a makeshift barrack, on a case at the foot of a bed across from a pool table.

Chapter 9:

  1. Journal #19: During a shoot-out in the large destroyed building, run up the steps and turn right. Follow the path along the wall, all the way around to the opposite side of the building. In a corner, near the wall, you’ll find a journal on the ground.

Chapter 10:

  1. Journal #20: Underground, on the tracks of a minecart, climb a short ladder up and enter the small storage room lit up by a single light. The audio journal is on the ground near the doorway.
  2. Journal #21: From the previous journal, jump down and turn right while following the tracks down into the mine. Reaching a fork, follow the right wall and continue right to find a journal near the floor.
  3. Journal #22: Back at the fork, follow the tracks left for awhile to find a journal on a box on the ground, just left of the tracks.
  4. Journal #23: Leaving the mine, turn left and run towards the bridge. Before running on the bridge, look left for a sign. The journal is on the ground under the sign.

Chapter 11:

  1. Journal #24: Running through wrecked homes, climb a ladder to face a wall of portraits. Below the portraits, you’ll find a journal on a table, partially covered in Chimera gunk.
  2. Journal #25: Inside the Church’s main floor, climb the ladder near the blocked front entrance. Duck and move through the wooden beams, look to the right, the journal is on a beam near the wall.

Chapter 12:

  1. Journal #26: After a huge monster appears down a long tunnel, turning left and opening a large metal door, enter the doorway to your left under the stairs. Crawl into the cave to find a journal against the fossil.
  2. Journal #27: Jump down into a large mine entrance that’s blocked off. Instead of running into the smaller path, follow the two railways towards the cave-in. Look to the left wall, in the corner you’ll find an audio journal.

Chapter 15:

  1. Journal #28: Inside the prison, after running up stairs in a prison block and entering a side hallway, turn left to find a small room with the bars ripped apart allowing you to enter another prison block. Don’t return to the ground floor, instead follow the left wall to the opposite side of the block. Move down the cells until you find a cracked open cell wall. Enter the cell and crawl into the passage behind the cell lined with pipes. Turn right after jumping a pipe to enter another cell. You’ll find the journal on the bed.
  2. Journal #29: Entering the showers, follow the left wall into pipe-filled maintenance area. Jump a low pipe and look at the ground, to your left, as you near a large boiler. The journal is on the ground next to a lamp.
  3. Journal #30: In another cell block with a pool table, enter an open door to your left. Continue forward, through the hallway, to enter another cell block. Move up the stairs, turn around and left to find an open cell with a journal on the floor.
  4. Journal #31: Leaving a cell block through a double doorway marked by your waypoint, enter the first door on the left, to find a journal on the desk inside.
  5. Journal #32: As you enter the large door into the cafeteria. Look right on the floor for a small alcove covered with a few wooden planks. Break the planks to enter the alcove. Look right for some health and ammo, with a journal included.

Chapter 16:

  1. Journal #33: In the sewer, after climbing a ladder, continue down the passage while looking on the ground to find a journal.
  2. Journal #34: In the bunker, open the large metal door to find some ammo and a journal on the floor right in your path.
  3. Journal #35: Jumping down into the yard, cross the grounds and enter a garage. Climb the ladder to the second floor of the garage. Turn right and follow the catwalk to an overturned table near a stack of boxes. The journal is on the boxes.

Chapter 17:

  1. Journal #36: Becareful as you reach a point in the large destroyed building where you have to jump down several levels. Jump down one level, and look left on the floor for a journal page.
  2. Journal #37: Jumping down into a large square where a large Chimera structure has been erected, instead of running towards the large structure, look right and run into the partially destroyed building. Inside this building, exit the kitchen and look right for the audio journal on the table against the wall.
  3. Journal #38: Entering the Chimera tunnels, you’ll jump out and enter a basement. Inside a makeshift home where a soldier is laying dead on a mattress. Near his feet, you’ll find an audio journal.

Chapter 18

  1. Journal #39: Entering a stairwell, walk down the stairs and turn right to find a dead soldier against the wall near some ammo and a journal.
  2. Journal #40: Climbing a broken wing into a building, walk up the ramp made of the fallen floor above. As you reach the next floor, look right and jump into a hole. Enter the kitchen to find an audio journal on the table.
  3. Journal #41: Leaving a Chimera structure and jumping down into the snowy valley ahead, look left for a fallen VTOL. The audio journal is inside the VTOL near a dead soldier.

Chapter 19

  1. Journal #42: Leaving a large control room towards a waiting soldier, turn right follow the path past the soldier. Against the right wall ahead, you’ll find the last journal.

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