Resistance 3 Walkthrough

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Chapter 6 – City of the Past

  1. Capelli and Malikov seem to have survived the attack on the boat. They awakened in a train yard in the middle of St. Louis.
  2. Follow the hobbled Malikov between a couple of train cars to a locked gate. While he waits here, you need to find something to open the gate.
  3. Some of the cars behind Capelli have yellow spray paint on them. Follow the arrows and they will guide you to the switch to unlock the gate.
  4. Head straight behind the locked gate, hang a small right and go through the open car. Make a left from the car, continue forward and turn left after the car labeled “danger/warning/infested.”
  5. JOURNAL: After the infested car continue forward and go up the ramp. Go through an opening in the fence and the “Staying Warm” journal sits here.
  6. Along the way, pay close attention to the small number of leapers crawling about. They are annoying little critters on their own, but in groups they can be dangerous.
  7. JOURNAL: Climb the ladder onto the train car and move down the cars until you see a wood bridge connecting to a car on the left. The ” A Tragic Paradox” journal stands there right next to the rossmore ammo.
  8. Continue to the multiple yellow bulbs at the far end of the yard and jump off the train over the fence. Dispatch the leapers that rush you and pull the lever next to the gate.
  9. Take the elevator with Malikov and witness first hand a large creature, aptly named the Widowmaker, stomping into and out of view.
  10. JOURNAL: Malikov finds a place to rest and Capelli finds a place to gather ammo and health. On the bed next to the Professor is a “VTOL Manual” journal.
  11. After stocking up, go to the open window and zipline to the building across the street.
  12. JOURNAL: Drop down to the collapsed floor after the zipline ride. Pick up the “Gotta Get Out” journal on a shelf next to another spray painted message.
  13. Open the garage door to enter the basement of this factory. Move through the dark factory basement, through the strange pulsating walls, to a new weapon: the Atomizer. There are a couple of Grims waiting for Cappelli in the basement. Greet them with an electric shock from your new toy.
  14. Go up the stairs to the next floor where a crowd of Grims gang up on Cappleli. Fire the Atomizer’s secondary weapon to unleash drop a small device that shocks all nearby enemies, and then sucks them up into a vortex.
  15. Continue forward past the manufacturing drums, grab some ammo and health inside the fenced area to the left, and continue up to the next floor.
  16. Switch to the shotgun and blast your way through the Grims popping all around the second floor. Continue to explore the floor and destroy any pods along the way. There may be some ammo or health inside.
  17. JOURNAL: Cross the metal bridge to the other side and drop down into an office below. There are loads of ammo and health as well as a “Quarantine” journal here.
  18. Find and flip the switch in the control room next to the office to lower the catwalk outside. Return to the second floor and cross the newly lowered bridge.
  19. Go up the stairs across the bridge up to the third floor of the factory. Make your way across the bridge and go down to the corner of the building. Yet another deluge of Grims await Capelli on this floor too. Evade the Grims to bunch them together and finish them off with some buckshots, atomizer blasts or anything else that will clear them out.
  20. JOURNAL: Turn left on the opposite side of the fallen smoke stack to a broken walkway. Leap across the gap to find some ammo and the “Safety Violation” journal.
  21. After you cleanse the Grim factory, enter the fallen smokestack on the corner of this floor. Run down the makeshift tunnel into a storage room. When you’re ready, bend open the metal grate to continue your search.
  22. JOURNAL: Stroll through the rest of the storehouse, picking off the leapers inside, and look left to spot the “It’s Just Me Now” journal. Continue down the hall and climb the ladder in the small room at the end.
  23. To reach the next floor, look up and find the target on the level above you. Shoot it and a ladder slides down, giving Capelli access to the next floor. Equip the sniper favorite, the Deadeye, scout out the window in the corner and take out the Chimera on the rooftops across the street.
  24. JOURNAL: After Capelli readies his sniper scope, collect the “Girl’s Best Friend” journal next to the window.
  25. With the adjacent building clear, drop down the hole, to the left of the window. Go down the hallway and aim at the target place on the building across the street and shoot it, extending a bridge.
  26. Go across the bridge and into the building. Grab the EMP grenade in the kitchen and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairway, Capelli discovers small pods growing everywhere. If you have Atomizer ammo (especially the secondary fire), fry the swarm of leapers that come from the pods.
  27. JOURNAL: Go down the hall of this floor and enter the first room on the left and file the “Letter to Santa” journal on the couch next to the wilted Christmas tree. There are also presents under the tree, so stock up on ammo and health.
  28. Now that all the leapers are gone, get to the end of the hall and bend open the metal grate there.

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