Resistance 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – Home

  1. JOURNAL:After waking up, Joe Capelli, the man who killed Nathan Hale in the last game, looks fondly at his son in the underground shelter. Take a moment to check out your surroundings and grab the first journal, Feral vs. Military, that sits right next to Capelli’s wife Susan.
  2. Capelli has to make his way to the training grounds and meet up with Dale, the community’s armory expert. Make your way through the underground structure, following the waypoint beacon, en route to the shooting range.
  3. JOURNAL:As you make your way through the shelter, pick up the Postcard from Bogota journal in a bedroom near a lady on a rocking chair. Probably The journal is lying on the bed.
  4. Once you make it to the shooting range, familiarize yourself with the classic Chimeran weapon the Bullseye. Fire the primary weapon with R1. In order to survive the Chimeran onslaught, it is necessary to utilize each weapon’s alternative fire. Practice “tagging” a target with R2.
  5. To make up for its weaker firepower, the Magnum now automatically tags its target with a small explosive. After laying down a couple of shots, press R2 to detonate the explosive and send your target and any nearby units flying away.
  6. After shooting a couple of practice rounds, Capelli is alerted that a Chimeran death squad is on its way into the area. Follow Susan to a conference room where they discuss their plans.
  7. The group plans to scout out the forces and hope they pass by without any fighting. Follow Lester through the tunnels to meet up with Nate in the bowling alley. The “scouting mission” turns ugly when the Chimera are alerted to the resistance’s presence and a battle breaks out.
  8. Head out onto Main Street and engage the Chimeran force, who are storming in from the church ahead. There are plenty of cars and other rubble to use as cover (press Circle), so stay behind them and tag as many Chimera with Bullseye and Magnum utilizing each weapon’s alternative fire (especially the Magnum’s detonations) to eliminate the enemy waves.

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