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Boss: Stalker

  1. After cleansing the front of the church of Chimera, turn around and make your way down the street to encounter the Stalker, a heavily armed, mechanical quadruped, chewing up the rest of the resistance’s numbers.
  2. Don’t directly engage the Stalker head on, the four-legged beast rips apart Capelli’s health fast with machine gun fire and rockets that carpet him from above. Instead stay behind cover and attack it when its attention is focused elsewhere.
  3. The Stalker is protected with shields that repel all gunfire and that field needs to be taken down before you can hope to put a dent in it. If you have some, switch to EMP grenades (d-pad right or left) and toss one at the shields to temporarily bring them down. Once down, you have only a few moments before the shields go back up, so pelt the Stalker with as much fire until the shields go back up.
  4. The most effective place to hide out and attack is the “Icy Cream” stand that is in the center of the area. While strafing the Stalker, keep the stand in between it and Capelli for cover, peeking out and firing at it when you have the chance.
  5. When your health is exhausted, head back toward the bowling alley and search around the nearby car and on the ramp entrance to find some health canisters.
  6. As the battle heats up, climb the ladder up onto the roof of the stand and fire at it from there. While the billboards don’t last too long as cover, there is enough ammo (including more EMP grenades) and some health stashed up there to keep you in the battle for awhile.
  7. The Stalker may seem invincible, but continue pummeling it when its shields are down and eventually the blasted thing will go down.

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